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Admit it. Studying and working all day can be exhausting sometimes. No matter how motivated, passionate, or pumped you are, there comes a time when you need to chill-out and get out of the classroom or the workplace

One of my favorite escapes is of course the coffee shop. I mean, who can’t say YES to coffee? The word itself already wakes me up and what more when I finally get to have it after a tiresome day.

But more than the hot coffee, what I enjoy best about going to coffee shops is the companionship of my coworkers/friends and my students. We get to have casual conversations about both important and unimportant stuff, and more often than not, it makes us feel less stressed-out.

What is more, F2F students and teachers are a big fan of playing games when we go to coffee shops. I personally love Jenga, (Trust me; I am hard to beat in this game). Card games are also a good way to kill time while we sip our coffee.

Are you feeling to urge to have a hot cup of coffee yet? Go get some break, and see you at F2F soon!

By: Teacher JZ



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