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About School

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Face to Face English School is a small school but a lot of international students and repeaters have joined from around the word by word of mouth and has become popular.

It is an environment which is comfortable and very relaxing. It is an environment where teachers are very friendly and you can enjoy English conversation anytime with them.

Though those of things are the reason for drawing attention, our motto 

“Promising to improve your English”

is the main reason students actually join.

The biggest goal in The Philippines is to “Speak English fluently”.
Face to Face English School fully supports students who would really like to improve their English level.

We introduce the approach and curriculum of Face to Face English School.

School information

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Name : Face to Face English School
Rep     : Junichi Omachi
Address : Wilbincom Bldg, JR Rizal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City Cavite,Philippines
URL       :
Mail       :

<School’s policy>

Our school has a motto “English makes you change”. English isn’t just a language for study. The most important thing is to be able to speak English and to be able to communicate with various people. In addition, expanding the possibilities of your own hobbies, work and life through English.

We believe English makes you start your new life to open the heavy door and have new encounters you have never had before.

Our school is small but has a homely atmosphere, also we have more confidence of “Promising to improve your English skill” than any other schools.

Because we have staffs who have great knowledge about studying in The Philippines and are experts on English education.

From beginners to advanced, we aim that any students who join our school “feel an improvement of their English ability in a visible way” and make use of various methods to engage in English education.

We think there is a proof that many students are satisfied like “I’m glad to have joined Face to Face English School.”

You might be worried, but we believe if you take the first step with a positive mind, we are sure you can feel like “I am very glad to come here and improved my English skill”. We are looking forward to seeing you!

About subjects

As group lessons are mainstream in Europe’s English study, one teacher manages 10 to 20 students. We often heard, often students can speak only a few minutes in an hour lesson and even students who don’t have strong English don’t have any chance to speak.

Calculating in a month on how much English you actually speak during classes will result in a big difference from person to person.

However, we support students with one on one lesson along with their ability from basic English to professional business English and English for qualifications and examinations.

From the following 7 subjects, students can choose the areas that they want to improve.
We interview students first and select subjects together.








Please utilize one-on-one lessons to improve your English skills without worrying about anybody else.


Various course contents

F2F creates a variety of curriculums which can support all students from beginners to advanced.

◎ESL(general conversational) course…Those who want to improve their English conversation skills (From beginners to advanced) 

◎Business English course…Those who want to study Business English

◎Medical English course…Those who want to study Medical English

◎TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS course…Those who want to prepare for examinations

◎World Round Trip course…Those who consider going on a world round trip

◎University Entrance course…Those who want to enroll in the Philippines(overseas) university

For details, please refer to “Course contents and fees”

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A secret to be able to speak English
sea activity

Face to Face English School is trying  to be “a school where students have more chance to speak English than anywhere else”. The tip for this is in making the distance between the teachers and students as close as possible.

In ordinary schools, when the lesson is over in the evening, it is common to spend time together with students only.

Some schools recommend EOP (English Only Policy), but there is a limit to doing EOP among students.

On the other hand, as Face to Face English School has many boarding teachers, they stay in the dormitories even after dinner time. Those boarding teachers enjoy watching movies and having drinking parties together with students.  Even if students speak Japanese in their bed rooms, if they go out to the dining area, they can enjoy free English conversation with many English teachers.

We call “communication with teachers” to COP (Chill-Out Policy) and encourage them to do so.  Communication between Japanese (EOP (English Only Policy)) is also very effective, but we think that if students have an environment where they can talk with teachers anytime and anywhere, it is more effective for improving English skills. As well as holidays, students have a chance to go out shopping with teachers, connect on Facebook and dine at teachers’ dormitories. We think our school is very rare as a  “ special environment where you can use English”.

So, the reason why Face to Face English School keeps a home-like atmosphere is because we are working on this COP steadily.

As a matter of fact, students have to study seriously in the lessons, but when lessons have finished, students can speak English as much as they want with teachers who are like friends and family.

The reasons why there are so many repeaters at the school: We heard many opinions like “Since becoming friends with the teachers, I want to see them again.”  As studying in The Philippines is a very special moment, we hope students use English anytime  day or night without wasting time.

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24 hours English Speaking Environment

At our school, there are 12 boarding teachers listed. We stick to a small group system and set the limited numbers of 23 students in the dormitory. Its Ratio is one teacher to 2 students.The tip for improving English is with this small group system.

<Current boarding teachers>


Boarding teachers love to catch up with students, and they hold free night lessons(twice a week), go out together, and support students’ English skill all the time.

In larger schools, generally when finishing lessons, teachers go home. In that case, students don’t have enough chance to speak English other than in their lessons.

On the other hand, as there are boarding teachers, English skill increases dramatically with the opportunity for students to use English night and day. Along the use of English in general other than just in lessons, the English ability improves well.

So please try speaking with boarding teachers as much as possible.


Formal accredited school

There are hundreds of language schools in The Philippines, most of them are not accredited officially by The Philippines government. Schools without permission are in great danger and sometimes suddenly receive a discontinuance of business operation, and the possibility of students being forcibly repatriated.

Students without enough knowledge about studying in The Philippines might join schools with a “good price”. Especially lots of small schools run without proper permit. So, students need to confirm before joining.

F2F has acquired certificate of foreign student registration (TESDA certified) by The Philippines immigration and eligible to issue SSP (Special Study Permit). Our role is to endeavor to encourage students to enjoy studying in The Philippines relaxed and in safety.


School environment

The student ‘s accommodation is located in the subdivision (residential area with 24 – hour security). The environment of this residential area is very quiet and clean, which is perfect for studying English.

Most students commented that “Here is very difference from what I imagine as The Philippines before.” As Tagaytay is one of the  Philippines’s top luxury summer resorts, there are no homeless and street children, and it is a calm and safe residential area.

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Around the entrance of the subdivision (It is just one or 2 minutes from the dormitory), as there are stylish restaurants lined up, you can take a break there from your study.

junction 2

There are  convenience stores, markets (fruits and vegetables) and bars near the school. Also, you can find a number of fast food restaurants, chic restaurants and supermarkets taking 5 to 10 minutes by Jeepny (The Philippines share taxi). Especially, the lake overlooking from restaurants brings a stunning view where you can enjoy dining with a beautiful natural breeze.

In addition, a general Hospital is located near our school, so it is easy to go when students get sick or injured. Also, some of our boarding teachers and even the owner has a nurse certification, so we can support students’ emergency situations as much as possible.

tagaytay medical center

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
E-mail :