The Philippine Commute by Teacher Joshua

The Philippine Commute Moving from point A to B is part of our daily lives. People go to work, to school, and wherever they wanted or needed to be. In the Philippines, commuting is really affordable. In Tagaytay City, there are three types of vehicles which are regularly used by the people – buses, jeepneys, and tricycles. As a person who regularly does commuting, I got a good idea on how fast and affordable they can be; it is a part of my routine. Meet the Philippine vehicles. The Bus The bus fare for roughly one to eight kilometers costs 26 Philippine Pesos (0.51 US Dollar) – enough to go from Face to Face to any mall in Tagaytay City. A 36-kilometer bus ride only costs 60 Philippine Pesos (1.18 US Dollars) – the distance between Face to Face School to Ayala Mall in Imus, a city located just two …

Nail it! Present it! by Teacher Rina

Nail it! Present it!   Presentation is one of the things most of us hate. It can be a demonstration, an introduction, a speech or a lecture that aims to inform,inspire, motivate, persuade and present ideas or products.   Standing in front of the crowd with different status in life, different personalities and different perspectives is never a joke. You would surely find yourself shaking and sweating because of embarrassment. Face to Face Language and Culture School understands how you feel. We know it’s not a piece of cake but we want you to shine. Try these tips to stand out during your presentation: Know your audience. This helps you choose the right topics and materials for your presentation. I suggest you prepare catchy topics suitable for whatever age group, profession or race your spectators belong to.   Be Confident. If you know your topic and have your visuals prepared, …

F2F’S MOTHER! by Teacher Bryan

F2F’S MOTHER! Everybody agrees that a mother’s love is the most unconditional power in the world. Mothers are willing to give you anything without asking anything in return. Here in Face To Face, we have a mother who helps anybody anytime. Let’s meet Mariko-san. Mariko-san has been my student for more or less 7 years. I love her very much and I know that everybody does too. She has a very pure heart as she knows how to listen. She is also a good student because she always practices English and she never seems to forget her homework. Surprisingly, she has the mother instinct: she is sensitive to what others feel. She knows when somebody is feeling down or unwell. Plus, she is hilarious! She knows how to make people laugh with her jokes followed by iconic “20 Pesos!” Another good trait of Mariko-san that people love is her vibrant …

Philippine style convenience store by EM

Good day everyone! This is T. Em once again for another blog. For this blog I will be sharing about a type of convenience store that has a unique “Philippine style” if you’re wondering about what I’m talking about let me ask you first a quick question. What is your understanding of the word “retail”? If you’re going to check Google it says; “the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.” That’s easy to understand, right? In the Philippines the word “retail” is taken into a different level, try to imagine this, when you go to a supermarket and buy groceries, you’re already buying goods in retail, right? Here in the PH (PH = Philippines) there is still another level of retail than what you already know and understand. Anywhere and everywhere in the PH you will find these …

best-known wet market here in Tagaytay City by Joana

Mahogany Market is the best-known wet market here in Tagaytay City primarily because they offered the cheapest and delicious bulalo in the City. Here you can also find fresh beef and pork meat, fruits and vegetables, fresh and dried fish, groceries, bagged plants and souvenir shops with reasonable prices. For some people they see wet markets as filthy, but this market is an exception. People here are helping each other to keep the place clean. And aside from that, each section has a designated uniform so, it is pleasing to the eye of the tourists and locals who’s visiting the market every day. Mahogany Market is also a great place to mingle with the locals. People here are all friendly and always ready to assist you if you need any help. Come and visit Tagaytay and don’t forget to check out this market because Tagaytay trip is not complete without …

“When the Rain is Falling” by Mainard

“When the Rain is Falling” By: Teacher Mainard When the rain is falling in Tagaytay All you wanna do is your loved one and you spending time For Tagaytay is a place to create memories That would last for centuries As the rain comes unexpectedly So as your love that makes my heart beats steadily Oh dear, when the rain is fallin’ down My only wish is for you to be around Tagaytay is chilly So when you are coming near me Hold my hands and let me go For forever will I stay with you   When the rain in falling in Tagaytay It’s always a perfect time For you by my side Having tea, watching the raindrops, and forget the nasty past behind.  

Christmas is Coming By Mafe

Christmas is one of the most important events in the Philippines. It’s a religious event in which the members of the family gather and celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Actually, I will not talk about Christmas. I want to show you some types of traditional rice cake that can usually be eaten during the Christmas season.     First, I want to show you Puto Bumbong. I think this rice cake is a bit similar to mochi in Japan. It is eaten with mixed grated coconut and muscovado or brown sugar. It is best with hot tea.   The other one is Bibingka. It’s a baked rice cake traditionally topped with salted eggs or cheese. To bake this, a unique clay pot (oven) line with pre-cut banana leaf is needed.     One of my students tried our native rice cakes which you can buy during the dawn masses on …

Another Haven for Coffee Lovers By Joshua

Here in the Philippines, when I think about coffee, the mental picture that is being painted is a hot beverage that is perfect when paired with salty food like silog (fried rice and something, usually meat, fried) or pan de sal (salted bread.) Some prefer having something sweet when drinking their coffee. Cakes! Who does not love them? Whether you are a fan of heavy meals, sweets or just want to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea), there is a place for you. In Tagaytay City, there is a cafe that serves silog and cakes – Barako Haus.   Enter Barako Haus What makes Barako Haus interesting is their Siginlog Combo, an amalgamation of the words sinangag (fried rice), ginisa (something sautéed), and itlog (egg). For just three dollars you can enjoy these great Filipino dishes which are served with coffee than can be either hot or ice brew. …

Bulalo By Joana

Bulalo is the most famous local dish here in Tagaytay.  It is made of beef shank, marrow bones and vegetables. This food is automatically part of the menus of many restaurants here in Tagaytay and it is a perfect match to the cold weather of this city.   Since you know Tagaytay is known for this food maybe you want to ask, where to eat? Here are some of the most famous restaurants here in Tagaytay. Bulalo Point, Leslie’s, Josephine’s, Balay Dako, Bulalo Capital, Balinsasayaw, LZM, Jaytee’s and many more. But if you’re looking for cheapest yet delicious bulalo here in Tagaytay you can try the Mahogany’s Bulalohan. It is located in Kaybagal South inside Mahogany Market. Mahogany Market is the most iconic bulalohan destination in this city because it is cheap, delicious and it is near to the market where tourists and locals can also buy beef, vegetables, and …

Cheesy Pizza in the House! By Jefelyn

Who doesn’t like to eat a big slice of overloaded cheesy pizza? I’m a cheese lover and I love anything that is cheesy, indeed! Consequently, I’m mesmerized by the taste and the size of New York Style Pizza just around the corner.   New York Style Pizza, from its name, is obviously an American pizza company that was franchised by a Filipino owner Lucio Co. It was originally a membership shopping mall, but as time passed by, the franchisers noticed that there were only few people that could access the shopping mall and could order the pizza because it requires a membership card to get into their shopping mall. The membership cost around P700 for a twelve-month period (1-year). The card offers a 5% discount in any purchases at all S&R stores nationwide. S&R has six membership warehouses and ten mall branches coast-to-coast including the S&R store in Ayala Mall, …

Tagaytay City Market Food AdvenTOUR By Rina

 Street Food tour has become one of the latest trends nowadays. Aside from being able to visit various places with beautiful views, you get to try different local foods as well. Delicious and pocket-friendly foodstuffs. Well, who doesn’t like food? The right question is where to?   My Japanese students Rika (on the left) and Nao (on the right) during their “Street Food English Class”.     Students and tourists like Rika and Nao who are foodies (someone who eats food not out of hunger but because of their interest or hobby) have a place here in Tagaytay City, Philippines. One of the best places is Tagaytay City Market. It is the biggest local market in Tagaytay, about 10-15 minutes away from Tagaytay City proper. You can ride a tricycle or a jeepney to get there. It costs 9 Php ($0.17) when you ride a jeepney and 50 Php ($0.96) …

BULALUGAW ( Bulalo + Lugaw) By Mark

Tagaytay is not only famous for its cool climate and beautiful tourist spots, it is also known for the famous “bulalo”. Bulalo is a kind of beef shank soup that is popular in this place and also the neighboring provinces. It is especially fit with the cold climate of this area. Most probably, that is the reason why some people made a twist with a combination of “bulalo” which means beef shank and “lugaw” which means porridge.   From this, “bulalugaw” was invented. It was quite weird at first, but worth trying to know what makes it different. The texture was quite impressive. It doesn’t possess the rubbery like consistency. The taste was so rich that you can feel the entire flavor in your mouth when you try to feel it. The calamansi added extra sour taste which comes perfectly match with roasted garlic and spring onions. Adding an extra …

Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine By Jefelyn

Food is one of the basic necessities of humans aside from shelter, water and clothing. That is why some are torn between the thoughts of “I live to eat” or “I eat to live”. Whether which type of person you are, it doesn’t matter because we will end up in the same bottom line that food is important to survive and to live in this world. Eating is one of the most satisfying things that humans could ever have aside from other material things that give joy to human beings. When you come here in Face to Face Language and Culture School Inc., your food cravings will be satisfied, for the school is surrounded by restaurants with mouthwatering food. Let me introduce you in to one of the most famous restaurants that is just 5 mins away from the school by jeepney.   Jaytee’s Restaurant started last 2014. After two …


The coconut tree is one of the most important trees in the Philippines. Because the Philippines is a tropical country, this tree grows well, and it is recognized as a symbol of our culture and a sustainable source of income for the Filipino people. It is said that all of its parts are useful – from the tips of its leaves to its roots. Its leaves when dried are made into brooms. Its body is a good source of wood. And its fruits are a part of Asian dishes. At Mahogany Market, a market that is just a few minutes away from Face to Face School, we can buy coconut water, which is sold for only 20 Philippine pesos per fruit. Coconut water has several benefits. 1. It is nutritious. It provides carbohydrates (energy), fiber (cleanses body), and vitamin C (prevents sickness).   2. It hydrates you. The water of …

Champorado + Cocoa= Wow! By Mark

Filipinos have a lot of traditional food that we can call our own. Coming from a county that has rich culture and abundant in nature; we learned to use these things that surrounds us into our own advantage. We tend to create several foods that later innovates into something that we proudly serve nowadays. As one of the most popular Filipino food, we used the traditional Cocoa to make a delicious chocolate drink. It was a success which made people realized the benefit of this tree.   The eaiest way  of making this appetizing chocolate drink incudes three basic steps.  Whisk, Heat, and Pour. Whisk: the cacao together with a little sugar and milk . Heat: for around 5- 10 minutes with low heat, make sure not to overcook it. Pour: into the cup and drink while its hot. Having this drink will help you boost your energy and with …

Let’s go swimming By Mafe

After long tiring weekdays, we deserve a relaxing and fun weekend. Do you think so too? But how could we? The Philippines is a tropical country. The weather is usually hot (Actually, it’s unpredictable.), so swimming is the answer Fortunately, the subdivision where our dormitories are located has swimming pools. How lucky we are!  If you have a hundred peso, you can swim for  a day! Clubhouse is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. From our dormitories, it will just take us 10 minutes on foot to go there. Don’t forget to bring your colorful swimwear because they won’t allow you to swim if you are not wearing the appropriate clothes. C’mmon! Let’s go swimming.

Crowning Glory By Elbert

I always wanted to experience having a hair make-over in a Korean Salon. I need not to worry as a newly renovated full Korean salon just opened in Olivarez, Tagaytay City. The place is so instagrammable! It’s a light brown and violet themed salon. It’s so spacious and so tidy too and they have designated areas for every service they offer. The salon offers the following services: 1. Haircut/ Hair Make-Over/ Hair Color/ Hair Rebonding (anything related to hair beautification 2. Nail Art 3. Microblading 4. Make-Up/ Updo 5. Piercing 6. Eyelash Extension   Price actually depends on the service. Some can be a bit pricey too, yet this salon offers discounts from time to time. Currently, they have this package promo and a student discount. Also, they offer free cucumber juice and candy. The receptionist is very accommodating, as well as the Korean owners.   As for my experience, …

Tenki No Ko (Weathering With You) with Face to Face Students By JZ

Have you ever wished that you could control the weather? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make it rain when it’s boiling hot outside, or if you could make the sun shine after a week of cloudy and rainy days. Well, if you haven’t seen Tenki No Ko (Weathering With You), you’re totally missing out on a great story that can make you feel positive about life. Last September 3rd, Sae, who is a good friend of mine and also one of our student managers, invited me to see this movie. I have always been a big fan of Makoto Shinkai since I got the chance to watch one of the most successful Japanese animation movies Kimi No Nawa. That was why without any hesitation, I said “Yes!” We also invited two of my students, Hikaru and Renta. We headed to Fora Mall cinema after the classes. …

Starbucks Domicillo By Kryselle

Tagaytay is known for its cool climate and beautiful sceneries. A typical tourist can try the famous Bulalo or go restaurant-hopping and take photos with its instagrammable décor, but if you prefer some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of city life, you can grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks Domicillo. Strategically located with a breathtaking view of the Taal Volcano, this could be Starbucks’ most attractive branch yet.   Enjoy a meaningful conversation with friends or simply relax and read a book at the al fresco area. The modern interior fused with wooden décor can make anyone easily feel at home. Choose from an array of their signature coffee, cakes and pastries and savor quality time with friends or just simply enjoy the company of your own thoughts.


Admit it. Studying and working all day can be exhausting sometimes. No matter how motivated, passionate, or pumped you are, there comes a time when you need to chill-out and get out of the classroom or the workplace One of my favorite escapes is of course the coffee shop. I mean, who can’t say YES to coffee? The word itself already wakes me up and what more when I finally get to have it after a tiresome day. But more than the hot coffee, what I enjoy best about going to coffee shops is the companionship of my coworkers/friends and my students. We get to have casual conversations about both important and unimportant stuff, and more often than not, it makes us feel less stressed-out. What is more, F2F students and teachers are a big fan of playing games when we go to coffee shops. I personally love Jenga, (Trust …

fruit lover

Are you a fruit lover? Well, yes, I am.  One of my students shared her great love to Philippine fruits as well. So before she left going back to Japan, we went out and checked out the fruits we could see in market side which is located in front of food hubs. The market is known for a trading site for fresh beef meat and also fresh fruits and vegetables, many people also go here to shop and also eat. It’s a stop-over destination during lunch and dinner time because people also buy “pasalubongs” or souvenirs. Here, we list the top fruits in the Philippines. (Photo grabbed from As the national fruit of the country, mango (mangga) is one of the most significant fruit crop in the country. This sweet and tasty fruit is definitely a favorite, especially its common varieties such as carabao and champagne mango which are top fruit …


Let’s have a short vocabulary lesson! To “wander” means “to move” and “lust” means “a strong desire”. That takes us to our word of the day- wanderlust. “Wanderlust” means “a strong desire to move, to travel, or to explore new places”. Let me share a story that might give you wanderlust.  Not a long time ago, two of my former students Jeeny and Megumi and a coworker/friend Teacher Amber invited me to travel to the beautiful province of Coron, Palawan. I don’t know why, but I willingly said YES without even thinking about it. Just hearing the word “Palawan” could have made me too excited then! Coron is famous for its virgin islands, rock formations, white sand beaches, and a lot more. We had two months to book our 2-day tour, our flight, and our accommodation, and to prepare all the stuff we needed. The four of us counted the …

Food is life

Teachers at a Japanese Restaurant, Aozora, Tagaytay City Food is life. It’s true. In F2F, students and teachers bond over filling meals, cups of coffee, and mouthwatering desserts. We all share a common satiation for food. And, where else could you satisfy your tastebuds? There’s no place other than, the City of Character, Tagaytay. Sinigang is a famous dish in the Philippines with a distinct sour taste. (Photo by Teacher Amber) Inihaw na Talong in a banana leaf is a dish with bursting flavors of freshness. (Photo by Teacher Amber) Bulalo, a must-eat when in Tagaytay, will make your hungry tummies full and leaving your heart warm. (Jaytee’s Bulalo) “Kain tayo!” meaning “Let’s eat!” in English is a simple, yet enticing invitation. We are inviting you to taste the flavors of Tagaytay. This city has an idyllic setting with babbling heaths, fresh air, and abundant business establishments. Fortunately, F2F is …

The beauty of Philippine nature

To this day, I can still vividly remember that my mom once brought home a book of Filipino myths and legends. I suppose that it opened my 8-year-old mind to a fascinating yet quirky culture that is Filipino. My mind is a wee bit hazy with the details of the stories, but I can recall that one of the stories says that the scattered islands of the Philippines were born from the brawl that two giants had. Intriguingly ludicrous, isn’t it? All this, according to my granny’s granny, is the reason why there are plenty of beautiful mountains in the Philippines. So, yeah, thanks to the two giants who threw enormous masses of soil at each other—they unintentionally formed a face on earth that we are now enjoying because of its inviting beauty.  We can also guess that this is the reason why the teachers and students at F2F are …


                                                               STOP, LOOK and EAT…..FILIPINO FOOD “One cannot think well, love well, and sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Virginia Woolf True enough, FOOD is a vital part of our daily lives. Without food, one cannot survive this fast changing world. It’s made up of nutrients our body needs to maintain its healthy balance, thus making it a fundamental factor for survival. I bet most of us love food; it’s one of the things we definitely cannot live without. The kind of food that we eat, its texture, flavor and aroma may have a great impact on our mood. Good food makes us feel much happier and satisfied. As what someone said: Food is as important as gasoline to your bike. as water to a plant. as stroke to a guitar string. as power to a computer. as input to an output. Whatever your nationality is, I think …