English is more fun in the Philippines by Teacher Aia

~ Aia English is very hard to learn. No one ever started to be very good in this language. However, there’s one thing that I would guarantee. Learning English at Face to Face language here in the Philippines is ever fun. Not just Philippines has a lot to offer, the first one is hospitality. Filipinos are well known as hospitable people. We always offer warm welcomes. Face to Face English school has also exciting and fun activities. Every Tuesday and Thursday night starting from 7:30- 9:00, students are invited to join EOP ( English Only Policy)  wherein it helps students go out of their comfort zone and try to mingle with others. With this policy students are not allowed to speak using their native languages instead they must use English the whole period of time. They play games that would help to practice their English.

Learn, Explore and Feel at Home – Part 1

by Teacher Jefelyn   Studying another language can be fun and exciting though you are in another country like the Philippines. Many foreigners think that learning is full of difficulty and hardship, but I make sure to you that your stay in this beautiful country would be full of fun, excitement and wonderful learning not only about English but also life and culture.   Learning is always fun! fun! Fun!   Studying would never be stressful if you keep the positive spirit in learning. Always rem   ember that the more you laugh and enjoy what you do, the more knowledge you will gain fro   m the class. Why study with a frowned face if you can smile throughout the class.   “Carpe diem!”   Teachers love to joke around and make their students laugh during Grammar class.     Explore the life of the locals       Learning is …


The Philippines has a long tradition of revelry and this of course includes drinking. We have our own customs when it comes to alcohol, for example, using a single glass for drinking instead of having one glass for each person. This custom symbolizes unity and trust and is the main reason that the Filipino language lacks the proper term for “Cheers!” or “Toast!” Being a melting pot of different cultures mainly due to our strategic geography in Asia and colonization from Spain and the US, Filipinos have acquired and inculcated in our culture modern and foreign traditions. This is very evident in our drinking habits and preferences.   Oktoberfest is actually a festival held in Germany, the Beer Capital of the world. However, many countries have done their own take at this famed celebration. Who doesn’t want a ready made excuse to drink, right?   In the Philippines, Octoberfest is …

Holidays is Just Around the Corner

As soon as “ber” months step in the calendar, there are observed changes like cooler breeze and shorter days. For Filipinos, it’s the start of making-a-busy decorating their houses, schools and workplaces some Christmas ornaments. Carols are being played almost everywhere. Filipinos are festive by nature that they celebrate even the smallest of the things (getting perfect score in a quiz will mean long hours of drinking session). Insane, right? Well, here’s more insane: These Parols “Farol” (spanish term for lantern) has been on sale since early September. Tricycles in Tagaytay has a project to give PWDs and Senior Citizen a free ride. (September 16, 2018 – January 06, 2019) Some of our delicacies you can only buy this season. Thinking of how to spend your Winter vacation? We invite you to study here in F2F language school and spend your holidays the Filipino way.

Teacher Keren – Learning while making memories

Meet Keren Hi! I am Teacher Keren! I started teaching English in 2014, I thought I’m not going to last long in this kind of job because it’s hard. But then I realized that there’s really no such thing as an easy job. So I just did everything I could to be an effective teacher. And that’s when I started loving this job. Because I believe that when you love what you’re doing, you won’t feel like it’s work at all. You’ll just enjoy spending each day with the students both learning. English has been described as “the language of opportunity.” It’s the opportunity to meet different kinds of people. Her source of happiness Seeing my students smile and improve makes my heart happy. I know studying English is a process. You must put your heart to it. It’s always good to see the brighter side of everything not just …

teacher Em

My name is Emmanuel K. Manimtim but here in F2F, most of the students call me “Teacher Em”, Emanh or just plainly “EM” with my colleagues. I’m originally from Cavite City but I’ve been living for almost 20 years here in Tagaytay City. I have been teaching for more than 9 years as an ESL teacher, I started with Koreans, Chinese and now Japanese, more than 2 and a half years ago, I started teaching for F2F, still here and still enjoying my work. I handle Speaking classes and Listening classes generally. I also enjoy organizing trips and sometimes parties for the students. What I’m going to talk about with you today is one of the types of classes that I handle here at F2F, “Speaking Classes”. It is divided into different categories: Explanation Topic Debate Q and A All speaking classes have similar format and have similar purpose, it …

teacher Norlene

Hi. Thanks for clicking. I’m pleased that you’d probably like to know some things about me. My name is Norlene, born in the year of the Water Tiger. I was born and raised in one of the coldest cities in the Philippines—Tagaytay City. —Face to Face Language & Culture School, Inc. “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” —Frank Smith CAREER I am a licensed nurse by profession and a teacher by heart. I’ve been an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor for over ten years now. After graduation, I started joining training institutions such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and other English proficiency programs. I’ve also worked as a supervisor, a trainer to colleagues and students, and a team leader. —Hawaiian BBQ, Tagaytay City INTERESTS Setting a new …

teacher Cheche

Do you feel worried, troubled and doubtful about your English skills? Everyone agrees that studying English is good. It boosts confidence, brightens your career, and allows you to do more things around the world. A quote that says, “Learning another language is like becoming another person.” Just ONE BIG IDEA. One big idea and you can be a better English speaker someday. I am Teacher Cheche. I’m one of the teachers of F2F. Teaching is my passion. It requires great patience and effort to be able to instruct kids, teenagers and adults. I have been teaching English for more than seven years. The stories I have heard from my (former) students could fill a book. Some stories are about giving up, and some are about life experiences that everyone ‘must have’. Perhaps, I want to inspire them – wait, I was supposed to be teaching – how to improve and …

teacher Bryan

Pretty much, I can sum up everything that I want to say in “I love teaching English” simply because that is the truth. Period. But my boss isn’t going to like a 1-sentence introduction so I have to lengthen it. It’s been weeks since I received the news that I have to write an introductory blog about myself. Man, I still don’t know what to say about myself. So let me just tell you about pizza, and how much I love it, and how much I would die to eat it every moment of my life. My student recently noticed that I often use “pizza” in my examples. It scared me that I was unconsciously telling others how addicted I am to pizza. Please, forgive me. You see, the feeling that I have for pizza is equally the same as what I have for English. I love English as much …

teacher Jane

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” –Henry Ford Education never stops in what you have or had achieved, rather it’s the endless possibilities thereafter. Nowadays, there are more courses offered for skills enhancement and creativity. One of them is the English language proficiency course. Learning English is important, and people around the world decide to study this as their second language. Wolverine, Madame Tussauds, Hong Kong Darth Vader, Makati Hi, I’m Teacher Jane, and I’m a traveler, foodie, writer, and an enthusiast of things related to nature, science, the arts, literature, and comic-book characters. I’m not only an educator, but also a class disciplinarian, mentor, planner, and a builder in F2F. Through years of teaching in different schools and with hundreds of students, only in F2F did I experience “Hogar dulce hogar.” That’s the Spanish for “Home sweet home.” …

Teacher Amy

Hello I’m teacher Amy. I’ve completed my studies at Lyceum of the Philippines, Manila – Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service major in Political Science. I had worked at Philippine Airlines, Flight Operations Department located at NAIA Road, Gate 1 Metro, Manila. Thereafter, I worked at Hyatt Regency Hotel as a Receptionist then to Sheraton Hotel, Harrison Plaza Manila. I had lived in the United States of America for about eighteen years. During my early years in Los Angeles, I have held several jobs from AMC Theater in Beverly Hills; as a Guest Relations/Customer Care Representative, and to numerous office works at Downtown Los Angeles, to Baldwin Park, and North Hollywood; as a Receptionist, Office Clerk/Admin, Accounts Receivables, Payables, Collections, and Bookkeeper – primarily focusing on accounting related jobs. Consequently, I had worked for almost 13 years as a Financial Accounting Specialist in Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA. Our office is …

teacher Tanya

  Hi I’m teacher Tanya, and I’m a part of Face to Face family. I am competent to adapting teaching methods and instructional tackles to meet learners’ varying demands and interests. I’ve taught various levels of English learners and handled different areas of the English language, though most of the time I handle Speaking classes. I help learners improve their speaking skills, but more importantly I encourage them to be more confident and comfortable in using the English language. I make sure that the students will have more opportunity to share their ideas and practice spontaneity. Enjoying the food and amazing view at Bag of Beans Restaurant in Twin Lakes, Tagaytay Taken at Samba Bluewater Resort with Inflatable Island, Olongapo, Zambales Studying the English language can be challenging, it doesn’t mean it has to be difficult. Learning doesn’t only happen in the four corners of the classroom. Enjoying a good …

teacher Nelly

What a Cliche: “There’s No Place Like Home” As many people said, home is where they live, but for others, it is where they feel the most wanted, appreciated or involved. Therefore, everyone’s description of home could be different. It could be a specific place where you find comfort, joy, love, support and a sense of consistency or simply refer to “home life”. How about you? Where is your home? Nevertheless, no matter what, people will still continue to use this phrase out of context, so I guess what I’m trying to say is that we should always think before we speak because we don’t always know the implications of what we’re saying. Some things may seem as simple as black and white, but have roots deeper than what you can see from the surface. Look at the view in the photo above, Yes! That’s Taal Lake View where you …

Teacher Sharon

Oslob Cebu, whale shark encounter What is a family? According to some dictionary, Family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Another definition is “a basic social unit in a society related by blood or marriage”, and so on and so forth. But for me I think, Family is not only how the dictionary defines it, because I found a family here in F2F. This was taken in Tagaytay Highlands when F2F had a Sports activity. This photo was taken by Teacher Jz when we climbed Mt. Maculot in Batangas. Most of My photos are taken by Teacher Jz. Hi, I’m Teacher Sharon and I’m a teacher, a mother, and a big sister in F2F. I’ve been a member of F2F family for three years now and I never thought I would have a family this big and fun. I consider F2F a family …

Teacher Jz

◎Teacher’s blog (Teacher Jz) What comes to mind when you hear the word “Philippines”? Most people will probably say “hot weather”, “bananas and mangoes”, or “white sand beaches”. Well, all those answers are correct, but the Philippines has so much more to offer, and one of those many things is English proficiency.     On the summit of a mountain I am Teacher JZ, and I work for Face to Face English School, which is one the leading language centers in the Philippines. I started teaching English as a part-time job when I was a university student and found myself in love with this profession. As a result, I pursued this career even after finishing my school. In seven years of my teaching career experience, I have handled various levels of English learners from elementary, high school, university to business professionals. Moreover, I have taught almost all areas of English …

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