• Start your career with TOEIC!

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    TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is one of the requirements needed especially in countries from Asia in order to be accepted in a well –established company. One of the main reasons is to state that workers from a certain company are globally proficient based on the scores given according to standards. It also shows that the company caliber of hiring workers requires an excellent communication skill in English. This test is divided into four parts: Speaking and Writing, Listening and Reading. TOEIC is one of the courses offered in Face to Face Language and Culture School. We initiate the process of the test. Students learned how to answer the following questions using specific techniques and tactics that can help them a lot to be familiar with the questions and answer in fastest time available. The process includes some of the following: Speaking – It contains eleven questions that …

  • L-E-T-T-E-R-S by Teacher Mark

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    Giving letters is an old tradition that started to become popular in the late 50’s. People around the world send letters to show appreciation to someone. Appreciation comes in many forms, not only by means of saying “thank you”, but also giving and receiving letters which means a token of gratitude from someone who is dear to us. Normally, giving letters is being used to express our feelings romantically ; but nowadays  some people use it as a symbol of valuing a good relationship with someone like a mother to her child, a coach to its team, and student to its teacher. Here in Face to Face Language and Culture School, it is also typical for our students to give letters to teachers to tell how grateful they were graduating from this school. These letters were one of the most valuable possessions of every teacher which boost their energy and …

  • English is more fun in the Philippines by Teacher Aia

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    ~ Aia English is very hard to learn. No one ever started to be very good in this language. However, there’s one thing that I would guarantee. Learning English at Face to Face language here in the Philippines is ever fun. Not just Philippines has a lot to offer, the first one is hospitality. Filipinos are well known as hospitable people. We always offer warm welcomes. Face to Face English school has also exciting and fun activities. Every Tuesday and Thursday night starting from 7:30- 9:00, students are invited to join EOP ( English Only Policy)  wherein it helps students go out of their comfort zone and try to mingle with others. With this policy students are not allowed to speak using their native languages instead they must use English the whole period of time. They play games that would help to practice their English.

  • Learn, Explore and Feel at Home – Part 1

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    by Teacher Jefelyn   Studying another language can be fun and exciting though you are in another country like the Philippines. Many foreigners think that learning is full of difficulty and hardship, but I make sure to you that your stay in this beautiful country would be full of fun, excitement and wonderful learning not only about English but also life and culture.   Learning is always fun! fun! Fun!   Studying would never be stressful if you keep the positive spirit in learning. Always rem   ember that the more you laugh and enjoy what you do, the more knowledge you will gain fro   m the class. Why study with a frowned face if you can smile throughout the class.   “Carpe diem!”   Teachers love to joke around and make their students laugh during Grammar class.     Explore the life of the locals       Learning is …

  • Octoberfest

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    The Philippines has a long tradition of revelry and this of course includes drinking. We have our own customs when it comes to alcohol, for example, using a single glass for drinking instead of having one glass for each person. This custom symbolizes unity and trust and is the main reason that the Filipino language lacks the proper term for “Cheers!” or “Toast!” Being a melting pot of different cultures mainly due to our strategic geography in Asia and colonization from Spain and the US, Filipinos have acquired and inculcated in our culture modern and foreign traditions. This is very evident in our drinking habits and preferences.   Oktoberfest is actually a festival held in Germany, the Beer Capital of the world. However, many countries have done their own take at this famed celebration. Who doesn’t want a ready made excuse to drink, right?   In the Philippines, Octoberfest is …

  • Holidays is Just Around the Corner

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    As soon as “ber” months step in the calendar, there are observed changes like cooler breeze and shorter days. For Filipinos, it’s the start of making-a-busy decorating their houses, schools and workplaces some Christmas ornaments. Carols are being played almost everywhere. Filipinos are festive by nature that they celebrate even the smallest of the things (getting perfect score in a quiz will mean long hours of drinking session). Insane, right? Well, here’s more insane: These Parols “Farol” (spanish term for lantern) has been on sale since early September. Tricycles in Tagaytay has a project to give PWDs and Senior Citizen a free ride. (September 16, 2018 – January 06, 2019) Some of our delicacies you can only buy this season. Thinking of how to spend your Winter vacation? We invite you to study here in F2F language school and spend your holidays the Filipino way.

  • The Sixth Starbucks

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    Tagaytay may be better known for specialty food like bulalo and as the weekend getaway for cool weather for Manileños, but the city can also boast about having some of the most scenic, magnificent views in a Starbucks. Tagaytay now boasts six Starbucks branches in the area. Presently, the four are in (1) Serin Ayala Mall (2) Robinson’s (3) San Jose (4) Magallanes and – though it could be argued that it’s not technically in Tagaytay proper – the Starbucks in (6) Twin Lakes, which offers stunning views just as the other branches with a lakeside view. Now visitors and locals alike can add another branch into the fray. Domicillo Starbucks is a quiet, quaint, and comfortable new location. Nestled in Domicillo hotel, the front facade and main structure of Domicillo are composed of industrial cement, accented with simple plants like bamboo shoots. Both the interior and exterior of the …