• Jose Rizal and Sakura Love by John

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    Do you know about Jose Rizal? He is the Philippines’ national hero and is the father of the Philippine revolution against Spain, which occupied the country for 333 years.  Rizal fought for Philippine independence and national self-determination. He was highly intelligent; a renaissance man who was both a polyglot and a politician. He was highly skilled in the sciences as well as the arts. He is also somewhat popular in Japan. Recently, he has even been featured as the main character in a Japanese manga. Rizal’s life involved quite a bit of international travel, stemming from his pursuits of further formal education and innate desire to observe and interact with the world’s cultures and people.  He was known to have had several love interests throughout his life, one of which was the daughter of a noble samurai family.  Her name was Seiko Usui, or “O-Sei-san”, as Jose affectionately referred to …

  • Afternoons at Face to Face

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    Which do you prefer– mornings or afternoons? I believe most of my students, co-teachers, and friends would pick the latter. I mean, afternoons are laidback, short and fast, and usually have optimum temperature. On the other hand, mornings just seem to be so slow and so long. There are several things I really love about afternoons at F2F. First, I love hanging out with my students and colleagues at cafes in the afternoon, as I mentioned in one of my past blogs. These days, we love going to cafes to have Okinawa or Hokkaido milk tea which is becoming more and more popular in the Philippines. There are some instances when we, the teachers take our students out with their lessons of course, and we have our classes outside instead. These moments are full of smiles and laughters: Second, I live for afternoon walks. On weekends, we at F2F love …

  • Homesick by Steph

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    It’s true that when we visit a place, we’d like to experience their local dishes. However, one of the things F2F students miss as they study in Philippines is their homegrown food. They’d utter “samishi” out of the blue. Well, be sad no more because here in Tagaytay there are some places you can visit to enjoy some Japanese dishes. Tako MagiIt’s located at Magallanes Square, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City (Less than 10 minutes from F2F school) They offer Takoyaki, Ebiyaki, Ramen and a lot more. (You can refer to the menu below). Aozora (New) This is located in Sungay West, across from Tagaytay Southridge Estates. The Newest of Aozora Restaurants. The best part is that they are affordable. You wont have to miss Japanese food anymore for they are now available in Tagaytay.

  • Fantasy World: Philippine Disneyland by Cheche

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    It is an abandoned theme park in Batangas or near Tagaytay City. The construction had long stopped years ago. It was never opened to the public. It seems to have been surrender due to the Japanese owner’s financial problems. Today, the main castle still stands magnificently over green hills like it’s stuck in its own fairy tale thriller. The park was never completed but it has become one of the famous landmarks in Batangas. Yes! Batangas. It is contrary to a popular misconception. Fantasy World is NOT in Tagaytay City. It is located in the middle of the rolling hills of Lemery, Batangas. On the other hand, many visitors stop here to take photos. Actually, Tagaytay City is the fastest way to reach the park if you’re coming from Manila. The entrance fee is Php 1000.00; good for up to 10 people. Most of those who would park in front …