• The Dining Tables That Never Sleep by Chris

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    The Dining Tables That Never Sleep   Who can say “No” when talking about food? Who doesn’t crave every time you read blogs about different cuisine? And who doesn’t drool over mouthwatering dishes when watching cooking shows? Food is more than survival. With it we make friends, and count our blessings. The sharing of food has always been part of the human story. In the city of Tagaytay some markets have food stalls that do not sleep. Those stalls are in Mahogany Market. They are open 24/7 all year round. Rain or shine, they are always open to serve hungry customers with their delectable dishes. The Cooks and servers often say, “We cook and serve not just tasty food, but we cook and serve with our hearts in it.” Mahogany market food stalls offer various dishes for everyone to enjoy. All ingredients are freshly harvested. The source of meat and …

  • A Park in The Sky by Jz

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    A Park in The Sky by Teacher Jz What comes to mind when you hear the word park? Grass, playground, picnic, swing, ground are almost always the usual answers. However, there is one park in Tagaytay City that is quite unique in its own way, and is supposed to be “in the sky” as its name suggest. It’s the park called People’s Park in The Sky.  To get there from Face to Face School, you have to take a jeepney, which is the most common public transpo in the Philippines, to Olivarez Terminal (9 pesos) and transfer to another jeepney going to People’s Park (16 pesos). The whole commute will take you about 30 minutes. The route to the park is a bit winding and ascending. As you get nearer and nearer, the scenery will get better and better. When you arrived at the park, you will have to pay …

  • “When the Rain is Falling” by Mainard

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    “When the Rain is Falling” By: Teacher Mainard When the rain is falling in Tagaytay All you wanna do is your loved one and you spending time For Tagaytay is a place to create memories That would last for centuries As the rain comes unexpectedly So as your love that makes my heart beats steadily Oh dear, when the rain is fallin’ down My only wish is for you to be around Tagaytay is chilly So when you are coming near me Hold my hands and let me go For forever will I stay with you   When the rain in falling in Tagaytay It’s always a perfect time For you by my side Having tea, watching the raindrops, and forget the nasty past behind.  

  • what is your LIFE ?  by Elbert

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    Volleyball is LIFE! On and off the court…. While I may not have been able to watch volleyball as I would have liked recently, there has been a plenty volleying all around the country. For most if not all conferences, 2019 Grand Prix Second Leg 2019 Volleyball tournament will be held at Sta. Rosa Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Sta. Rosa City, Calamba from October 4 to 6, 2019. These rematches are fun to watch because you can make predictions based on the last matchups and still be surprised! So, here I am again, and here you are again also – we are all hoping for the best for team Philippines, aren’t we? After having witnessed a lot of bad things in match four between the Philippines and Thailand yesterday, aren’t we getting more and more into the negative circle of volleyball? But don’t you think we are too focused on …

  • It will be held from November 30 up to ….. by Mark

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    SEA Games 2019 in the Philippines   As part of the South East Asian Nation, the Philippines was chosen to host the 30th South East Asian Games. It’s a sporting event held every four years in different countries which is part of this organization. It aims to have good relationship between countries to promote camaraderie with the theme motto this year, “We win as one”. 11 members of Southeast Asian Games Federation (SEAGF) were expected to take part in this said event. These countries will be sending their athletes to represent their respective countries.  Brunei  Cambodia  Indonesia  Laos  Malaysia  Myanmar  Philippines  Singapore  Thailand  East Timor  Vietnam   The said sporting event will be held in several places throughout the country. Luckily, Tagaytay was chosen as one of the participating places to hold these matches.   applied to give for the said occasion.The Tagaytay Oval was being reconstructed and converting some …

  • Why should we learn English? by Rina

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    Many people settle for less not because they can’t do anything about it but because they are afraid they might fail. Most of us consider failure and difficulties as the end of everything, we give up trying and we choose to stay miserable and unsuccessful. Why should we where in fact, there’s hope? We can be successful, we can have fun. Learning English is the key! Why should we learn English? English is the Language of International Communication    According to research, English is the official language of 53 countries, spoken by over 400 million people and the most second language in the world. It is the language a lot of us can understand. Travelers of course have chances to speak to people with different cultural background as they go overseas. In order to communicate with them, English is needed. English is the Language of Business  Companies, both international and …

  • Christmas is Coming By Mafe

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    Christmas is one of the most important events in the Philippines. It’s a religious event in which the members of the family gather and celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Actually, I will not talk about Christmas. I want to show you some types of traditional rice cake that can usually be eaten during the Christmas season.     First, I want to show you Puto Bumbong. I think this rice cake is a bit similar to mochi in Japan. It is eaten with mixed grated coconut and muscovado or brown sugar. It is best with hot tea.   The other one is Bibingka. It’s a baked rice cake traditionally topped with salted eggs or cheese. To bake this, a unique clay pot (oven) line with pre-cut banana leaf is needed.     One of my students tried our native rice cakes which you can buy during the dawn masses on …

  • Late Night Walks By JZ

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    I’ve always been a big fan of walking. I read somewhere that when you walk, you get to “kiss” the world with your feet. That was really poetic, I know, but I also think it is quite true– exploring a place can be a simple yet an awesome experience. At Face to Face School, dinner is usually served at 6PM. The students and homestay teachers just like me get to enjoy our food together and chat almost about anything under the sun. Everything seems to be just how it is, doesn’t it? Well, almost except for one thing– we get hungry as the night goes by. That’s the time walking comes handy.     Despite the fact that Tagaytay isn’t as developed and convenient as other bigger cities in the Philippines, there are still some establishments near our dorms which can save our starving tummies. One of them is Mcdonalds, …

  • Another Haven for Coffee Lovers By Joshua

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    Here in the Philippines, when I think about coffee, the mental picture that is being painted is a hot beverage that is perfect when paired with salty food like silog (fried rice and something, usually meat, fried) or pan de sal (salted bread.) Some prefer having something sweet when drinking their coffee. Cakes! Who does not love them? Whether you are a fan of heavy meals, sweets or just want to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea), there is a place for you. In Tagaytay City, there is a cafe that serves silog and cakes – Barako Haus.   Enter Barako Haus What makes Barako Haus interesting is their Siginlog Combo, an amalgamation of the words sinangag (fried rice), ginisa (something sautéed), and itlog (egg). For just three dollars you can enjoy these great Filipino dishes which are served with coffee than can be either hot or ice brew. …

  • 2019 ASEAN Grand Prix By Elbert

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    The Philippines hosted the second leg of the 2019 ASEAN Grand Prix tournament at Sta. Rosa Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna from October 4 to 6, 2019. When my friend (Joey Magobo) sent me the schedule of the tournament on my messenger last Wednesday (October 2, 2019), I got very excited to witness the memorable event live. I cancelled all my Saturday and Sunday appointments. Volleyball is life.   Going to the sports complex was fun. Asking mu uncle to drive for me is a relief because I’m not familiar with the place. From my house to Sta. Rosa Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, it took us an hour. My friend (Edelle Mendoza) and I arrived at the venue at 1:30 pm. Luckily we didn’t go to the ticket booth to secure tickets because Edelle’s uncle who is one of the line judges of …

  • Bulalo By Joana

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    Bulalo is the most famous local dish here in Tagaytay.  It is made of beef shank, marrow bones and vegetables. This food is automatically part of the menus of many restaurants here in Tagaytay and it is a perfect match to the cold weather of this city.   Since you know Tagaytay is known for this food maybe you want to ask, where to eat? Here are some of the most famous restaurants here in Tagaytay. Bulalo Point, Leslie’s, Josephine’s, Balay Dako, Bulalo Capital, Balinsasayaw, LZM, Jaytee’s and many more. But if you’re looking for cheapest yet delicious bulalo here in Tagaytay you can try the Mahogany’s Bulalohan. It is located in Kaybagal South inside Mahogany Market. Mahogany Market is the most iconic bulalohan destination in this city because it is cheap, delicious and it is near to the market where tourists and locals can also buy beef, vegetables, and …

  • A hug in a mug By Jiezel

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    “Sometimes, having coffee with your friend is all the therapy you need.” They say the key to survival is coffee. And having a sip of coffee with friends sponsors a good mood. Studying or simply hanging out in Starbucks Coffee is one of the things we enjoy doing. Your stay in the school is never complete without it. Coffee there might be a little pricey but it’s nothing compared to the quality time spent with people you admire and respect.

  • Cheesy Pizza in the House! By Jefelyn

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    Who doesn’t like to eat a big slice of overloaded cheesy pizza? I’m a cheese lover and I love anything that is cheesy, indeed! Consequently, I’m mesmerized by the taste and the size of New York Style Pizza just around the corner.   New York Style Pizza, from its name, is obviously an American pizza company that was franchised by a Filipino owner Lucio Co. It was originally a membership shopping mall, but as time passed by, the franchisers noticed that there were only few people that could access the shopping mall and could order the pizza because it requires a membership card to get into their shopping mall. The membership cost around P700 for a twelve-month period (1-year). The card offers a 5% discount in any purchases at all S&R stores nationwide. S&R has six membership warehouses and ten mall branches coast-to-coast including the S&R store in Ayala Mall, …

  • Bread Icon By Em

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    Good day everyone! T. Em here for another blog… For today, I will be sharing about a “bread icon” in the Philippines, but before that try to understand this, Every country has a nationally beloved bread. Example: French- croissants, San Francisco- sourdough, and Italy- focaccia. For Philippines – pandesal. It is a type of bread that Filipinos love and pair with a lot of things and can be eaten not just for breakfast but also for snack. I give you the “Pandesal” (Filipino Bread Roll)    For some Asian countries, “bread” is a staple food, just next to “rice” the same goes in the PH (PH = Philippines) but when we talk about breakfast food we cannot put aside the fact that many Filipinos love bread and one of the favourite is the “Pandesal”. Originally, the name “pandesal” means “salt bread” in Spanish where it originated but contrary to the …

  • Out of the Ordinary By Chris

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    Traveling is an effective way to know yourself better and understand the real meaning of life. During the journey we realize a lot about ourselves. We even make many new friends, new relationships and build a new family. Most of all, we learn about the true meaning of life. In the Philippines, especially in the city of Tagaytay, there is a fun and an out of the ordinary way of traveling that can make a difference in the common way you grew up with.   Jeepney It is a type of vehicle that was invented during the American occupation of the Philippines. Jeeps were used by the U.S. military as their service during the World War II, but now made and developed as public means of transportation in the Philippines. This is one of the most convenient ways to travel. A “jeepney” can sit up to 20 passengers.     …

  • Taste the Emotions at F2F By Cheche

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    We all have our personal weaknesses. YES, EATING ICE CREAM. Light, creamy and sweet. It is possibly the ultimate in satisfying food. Having a terrible day? An ice cream is the answer! (Oops… your waist-line might not be grateful) I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM. Everyone loves ice cream, but why? There’s an endless amount of flavors. No matter what you like, there’s an ice cream flavor out there for you. It is good in every season. It’s the perfect treat for any season. Moreover, it makes your sadness go away. It helps heartaches and major causes of sadness easier to get through. Aside from that, you can eat ice cream anywhere – the possibilities are endless. It also soothes sore throat. It brings the comfort to your home and soothes your aching throat.   Here are some ice creams you can try around F2F, Tagayaty …

  • Tagaytay City Market Food AdvenTOUR By Rina

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     Street Food tour has become one of the latest trends nowadays. Aside from being able to visit various places with beautiful views, you get to try different local foods as well. Delicious and pocket-friendly foodstuffs. Well, who doesn’t like food? The right question is where to?   My Japanese students Rika (on the left) and Nao (on the right) during their “Street Food English Class”.     Students and tourists like Rika and Nao who are foodies (someone who eats food not out of hunger but because of their interest or hobby) have a place here in Tagaytay City, Philippines. One of the best places is Tagaytay City Market. It is the biggest local market in Tagaytay, about 10-15 minutes away from Tagaytay City proper. You can ride a tricycle or a jeepney to get there. It costs 9 Php ($0.17) when you ride a jeepney and 50 Php ($0.96) …

  • Soft or Hard? By Norlene

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    A table without bread is not a table, but bread is a table on its own.”    – Scottish Gaelic Proverb   Bread is life. This is a common food for breakfast here in the Philippines. Although some Filipinos prefer heavy meals, bread is best matched with brewed coffee to boost up one’s energy in the morning.       Noceda Bakery Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City 4120         Historical Background Noceda Bakery is a small local shop that was founded by Paterno Noceda way back in the 1940s after World War II. He set up a small bakery within his house in Mendez, Cavite. He started with small-squared biscuits and named it JACOBINA®.   JACOBINA® is a great constitute for any soft bread.   Why do most people eat bread?  ・There is a wide range of breads.   People can choose from soft tasty …

  • BULALUGAW ( Bulalo + Lugaw) By Mark

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    Tagaytay is not only famous for its cool climate and beautiful tourist spots, it is also known for the famous “bulalo”. Bulalo is a kind of beef shank soup that is popular in this place and also the neighboring provinces. It is especially fit with the cold climate of this area. Most probably, that is the reason why some people made a twist with a combination of “bulalo” which means beef shank and “lugaw” which means porridge.   From this, “bulalugaw” was invented. It was quite weird at first, but worth trying to know what makes it different. The texture was quite impressive. It doesn’t possess the rubbery like consistency. The taste was so rich that you can feel the entire flavor in your mouth when you try to feel it. The calamansi added extra sour taste which comes perfectly match with roasted garlic and spring onions. Adding an extra …