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Lists the necessary belongings for overseas study.

When entering the Philippines, passport’s validity period must be longer than the period of stay. Please check valid dates.

◎Airplane Ticket
When entering the Philippines, you must possess a return ticket, please prepare a return ticket prior to your entry.

Please bring Cash to school. After arrival at the school, when a student makes a payment our staff take it to the neighboring mall and exchange to Peso. (this method is the cheapest for the extra fees).

◎Credit Card / International Debit Card
Credit card is easy way to shop in foreign country. Also, if necessary, cash advance at an ATM is possible.
For details, please contact each card company or bank.

◎Travel insurance
Overseas travel insurance is very helpful in case of accident, theft, illness while overseas. We recommend students join overseas travel insurance for unforeseen circumstances.
For details, please contact each insurance company.

◎Daily Needs
Toiletries (shampoo, body soap, toilet paper), Travel amenities, medicines (cold medicine, intestinal etc.), insect repellent spray, slippers (indoor shoes), swimsuits, sunglasses (If you have a plan to go to the beach on your holiday)

Clothes, towels (basically short sleeve clothes are fine, but since our school is in a cool location in the Philippines, please bring long sleeve clothes for night time or other occasions. As some place’s air conditioning is strong (malls or buses) so please consider about several occasions.

Rain gear (Please bring your own umbrella or raincoat. There are two seasons the dry season and rainy season in the Philippines, it may suddenly rain even in the dry season. Especially during typhoons, the wind and rain is very strong. Please prepare in advance.)

◎Learning items
Dictionary, reference books, writing utensils, laptop PC (tablet and smartphone are very useful for learning too)

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