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Study in the Philippines

“I want to find a new life”

Many people who have come to study English in The Philippines often say something like that.

A sense of stagnation in Japan, time passing by with the round trip between home and work (or school) and no vitalization and excitement in life…, and the want to break such a reality and they want to find a new lifestyle with more freedom and more fun…

Such a driving force is the cause of the “study English in The Philippines” trend.

“Speaking English fluently” is not only related to promotion at work or school’s results, but it is also “the first step to a broad world that has plenty of possibilities “.

If you have a communication tool called English,

◎You can communicate with people outside of your world that you have never talked to before.

◎You can jump into an unknown world that you have never traveled to before.

◎You can create a “new life style” that you have never imagined before.

Just studying isn’t the last stop for English.

English will have a big meaning if you only use it and you can expand your possibility and enrich your own life.

What Face to Face English School can suggest for “Studying English in The Philippines” …

◎Affordable is normal.

◎It is also normal to learn English effectively in a short period of time.

◎The goal is using English to extend the possibilities of life

Here, we will briefly introduce the charm of “Studying English in The Philippines” at Face to Face English School.

One on One lessons

Lessons in Face to Face English School is based on one-on-one (one student to one teacher). As group lessons (10 to 20 students to one teacher) is the mainstream of studying English in Europe, it often happens that the students can only speak less than 5 minutes in a lesson.

Meanwhile, in the case of one-on-one lessons, you can speak as much as you want without having to worry about other people in the class, so you can learn English quickly.

Also, one-on-one lessons have an aim in each lesson and construct a program carefully, so it isn’t finished with just chit chat.

◎What purpose do the students learn English.

◎What area do students want to enhance and how to overcome their weakness.

◎How students want to use their English skill.

“We are planning one on one lessons for those students who “Want to use English for overseas travel”, “Want to immigrate to abroad” and “Want to use English in my business” etc.

In F2F, as we have prepared 5 or 9 hours of one on one lessons a day, if you stay just for a month, you can have a hundred hours of opportunities to speak English. It is 5 to 8 times more compared to studying English in Europe.

Affordable price

At F2F, the tuition fee ranges from 135,000 yen(around 1,220USD) for 4 weeks including 5 to 9 hours of private lessons and one-hour free group lesson with native English teachers. In addition, it includes not only lesson fees but also everything such as accommodation, meals, cleaning and washing fees. What an amazing offer!

As a school where native teachers are employed, it is the most reasonable price category in The Philippines.

Compared to F2F, the accommodation expenses and meals are often incurred separately in studying abroad in Europe, making it extremely expensive.

A major English power in the Philippines

Although not well-known, English is an official language in The Philippines, whose English-speaking population is the third largest in the world. You can hear English everywhere like on TV, in supermarkets and at schools, and most people have grown up with English since they were born.

Indeed, in the BEI (Business English Index), which shows international business English skills, the  Philippines has won first place in the past few years. There are many customer support centers for US companies in The Philippines, and the high English proficiency of The Philippines has been proven (Japan is the lowest in Asia compared to The Philippines in the world)

Our Filipino teachers are highly qualified teachers who passed a strict interview.

They have strong English ability which is highly competitive with Western born native speakers because they have grown up with English. Some have a lot of experience as English teachers or hold master’s degrees in pedagogy.

They speak American English with a wonderful intonation, and they speak English with more correct grammar than Westerners. In addition, as they are very friendly, even Japanese who are at the beginning of their studying English can easily get along well with them. They support you to improve your ability sometimes as friends and sometime as teachers.

Study at a resort, Tagaytay

tagaytay taal restaurant

Face to Face English School is located in Tagaytay city about 60 km south of Manila.

The Philippines was chosen as one of the top ranks for “International Living’s 20 Best Places to Retire Around the World In 2015”.
It especially recommended Tagaytay city and Subic as the most comfortable to live in The Philippines.

Features of Tagaytay are as follows

1.Cool weather

Tagaytay is located at an altitude of 700 m above sea level, which is very cool compared to common studying areas such as Manila, Cebu and Angeles.

It is famous for a luxury summer resort with former presidential vacation homes and numerous golf courses. If you ask Filipinos about Tagaytay, most of them will reply “it’s a resort area they want to go once in their lifetimes”.

2.Stylish restaurants and cafes

Tagaytay is a place often featured in newspapers and magazines, and there are many nice hotels and restaurants.

High-quality shops and hotels that boast of beautiful landscapes are considered some of its charm. There are natural food restaurants and famous cafés where you can taste visionary coffee (Alamid coffee).

In addition, there are fruit stands with fresh vegetables and fruits, and restaurants with local foods as well.

3.Well-maintained public peace

As above, Tagaytay is famous for its celebrity resort, it has well maintained public peace.

It is characterized by the whole city paying great attention to landscape and security. There are no buildings, beggars and street children that disturb the public morals.

4.A region richly endowed with nature

There are lots of mountains and oceans in the surroundings including Taal Lake. On the weekend, students enjoy climbing together with teachers, diving with other students, and experiencing nature activities.

As air is very clear, stars are visible in the sky.

◎Photos of restaurants and SPAs

There are many restaurants serving not only the local Philippine cuisine but also Italian, Chinese and Korean cuisine. We can enjoy Japanese food as well.

dining area

◎Photos of shopping malls and leisure facilities

In addition, shopping malls, casinos, amusement parks and cafes can be found in Tagaytay.

There are many convenience stores in the vicinity, so you can have a very convenient study life even in The Philippines.

sky ranch

◎Photos of Tagaytay richly endowed with nature

Meanwhile, one step out of the suburbs, there is rich nature spreading, and you can enjoy wonderful views such as the beautiful mountains and Taal Lake overlooking the 700 meter altitude.

You can also enjoy the popular spot Picnic Grove where you can enjoy horse riding and Zip Line (hanging with a wire rope and hopping from a mountain to the other side of  the mountains with cable), and former presidential villa site of Marcos overlooking Tagaytay.


◎Photos of Diving spot

You can also go to the famous diving spots “San Luis” and “Anilao” in about 1.5 hours by car.

There is also Karatagan which you can enjoy wakeboarding all day for around 1,000 yen(around 10USD) is near, and people who like marine sports will be satisfied.



◎A map of Tagaytay


Although your English study is a priority, Tagaytay is also a wonderful place to find peace of mind when you feel tired from the bustle of the city and want to take a look at yourself again.

Face to Face English School is the only Japanese owned school in Tagaytay.

How about trying the experience of “Studying English with Healing yourself” at Tagaytay, a little away from Manila, Cebu and Angeles where the schools are dense.

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
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