• Kultura Butik by Norlene

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    Who wouldn’t have thought of buying souvenirs when visiting a foreign country? Here in Tagaytay City, there’s a one-stop shop where you can grab some Philippine-made products. Kultura Butik is located at Taal Vista Hotel. Even if you didn’t check in, you could still go there as walk-in. ‘Kultura’ mainly means ‘culture’ and ‘butik’ is ’boutique’. Anything that you can think of as a rare collection or unique stuff, this ultimate store has it for you. Whether it’s a shirt, customized items, or keychains, there’s a variety of them that you can choose from. Another interesting thing is the delightful delicacy that our country has to offer. Most foreigners love eating dried mangoes for snack. Good thing, not only do we have yellow mangoes, but we also have the green ones. You’d better try them for yourself to see the difference. One of my favorites is the virgin coconut shampoo. …

  • Learn, Explore and Feel at Home – Part 1

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    by Teacher Jefelyn   Studying another language can be fun and exciting though you are in another country like the Philippines. Many foreigners think that learning is full of difficulty and hardship, but I make sure to you that your stay in this beautiful country would be full of fun, excitement and wonderful learning not only about English but also life and culture.   Learning is always fun! fun! Fun!   Studying would never be stressful if you keep the positive spirit in learning. Always rem   ember that the more you laugh and enjoy what you do, the more knowledge you will gain fro   m the class. Why study with a frowned face if you can smile throughout the class.   “Carpe diem!”   Teachers love to joke around and make their students laugh during Grammar class.     Explore the life of the locals       Learning is …

  • Holidays is Just Around the Corner

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    As soon as “ber” months step in the calendar, there are observed changes like cooler breeze and shorter days. For Filipinos, it’s the start of making-a-busy decorating their houses, schools and workplaces some Christmas ornaments. Carols are being played almost everywhere. Filipinos are festive by nature that they celebrate even the smallest of the things (getting perfect score in a quiz will mean long hours of drinking session). Insane, right? Well, here’s more insane: These Parols “Farol” (spanish term for lantern) has been on sale since early September. Tricycles in Tagaytay has a project to give PWDs and Senior Citizen a free ride. (September 16, 2018 – January 06, 2019) Some of our delicacies you can only buy this season. Thinking of how to spend your Winter vacation? We invite you to study here in F2F language school and spend your holidays the Filipino way.