• Homesick by Steph

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    It’s true that when we visit a place, we’d like to experience their local dishes. However, one of the things F2F students miss as they study in Philippines is their homegrown food. They’d utter “samishi” out of the blue. Well, be sad no more because here in Tagaytay there are some places you can visit to enjoy some Japanese dishes. Tako MagiIt’s located at Magallanes Square, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City (Less than 10 minutes from F2F school) They offer Takoyaki, Ebiyaki, Ramen and a lot more. (You can refer to the menu below). Aozora (New) This is located in Sungay West, across from Tagaytay Southridge Estates. The Newest of Aozora Restaurants. The best part is that they are affordable. You wont have to miss Japanese food anymore for they are now available in Tagaytay.