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about F2F2017年12月9日

The year 2017 is almost  finished and this is one of the most eventful year for me, for this reason let me reminisce some of the most hilarious, adventurous, and extremely crazy moments I shared with my F2F family.

Around March of this year when I went on a hike with teacher JZ and our students in Mount Talamitam in Batangas. It was not the first time I went hiking but climbing this mountain, I had a difficult time. Luckily for me I was with them and they were all extremely helpful.

Every year we celebrate our success as a team and our family grows bigger. This year’s celebration we also had our “lady boy” contest,where in some of our male students  dressed as ladies, everybody had an amazing night.

Birthdays are equally special occasion for us here in F2F, and this year I lost count of how many natal day we celebrated. These ones I added are just a few.

The most exciting part of this year for me so far is our Halloween party last November. Teachers and students wore their favorite costumes. This is a chance to show our creativity in making our own costumes.

This year we’re doing Kris Kringle, this is a gift giving tradition where in there’s a theme for the present you have to give every week. We had to buy “something red” for this specific week.  It always makes me excited to receive and give gifts.

See you next year!


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