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Birthdays are More Fun in Face to Face2018年1月31日

Birthday celebrations are one of the most awaited occasions for Filipinos. Here in Face to Face we try to incorporate the Filipino tradition of birthday celebrations with our students. Of course, being a language and culture school, we make sure that we give students the best experiences during their stay with us.

Our March celebrants, Teacher Bryan and Teacher Amy, all smiles with their birthday cakes.

You cannot celebrate a birthday properly without a cake! In the Philippines though, food or feasting is more important than drinking in any celebration. Still, we make a toast or two for our celebrants.

My birthday celebration last May with teachers and students in a pub nearby.

Sometimes, teachers and students prepare surprises for celebrants. We cook their favorites and arrange a small gathering to make them feel love on their special day.

We joined the students as they surprised Manami for her birthday.

This, of course, is not  just for current students! Living up to our claim of being a family, we still send our love and appreciation to former students wherever they are in the globe. There are even instances that students visit the Philippines again just to party with us on their birthdays!

The first photo shows Ayaka (Imuchan as we lovingly call her), who came back to the Philippines to celebrate her 20th birthday with us. The second picture is of Saori, who also came back to the Philippines for her birthday. Together with two other former students, we went on a celebratory trip to Palawan last August.

We don’t just post pictures together (I actually make videos!), we even make it to a point to send small trinkets to our birthday celebrants.

Birthday cakes from the other side of the globe. The first picture is from our student Rika, who sent me her birthday greetings together with her cat Lily all the way from Japan. The second one is a special made-to-order cake which our student Ayano sent to her fellow student Sae who is back in Osaka for her birthday last November. The cake shows one of our favourite memories together.

Today, however, we decided to celebrate the birthday of our Ayano, a student who is now on working holiday in Canada, through video call. We bought a cake for her! Even if she couldn’t taste it, I know we made her feel special. We know she appreciated our efforts.

Together with Abby, Teacher Mark and Teacher Tanya, a small celebration for Ayano’s birthday was held in Purple House.

This is what makes Face to Face a one of a kind school. The people who stay here, may it be for a long or short time, look after each other even if we are continents apart.

Cheers to more parties,

Teacher Amber

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