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Food is life2018年2月22日

Teachers at a Japanese Restaurant, Aozora, Tagaytay City

Food is life. It’s true. In F2F, students and teachers bond over filling meals, cups of coffee, and mouthwatering desserts. We all share a common satiation for food. And, where else could you satisfy your tastebuds? There’s no place other than, the City of Character, Tagaytay.

Sinigang is a famous dish in the Philippines with a distinct sour taste. (Photo by Teacher Amber)

Inihaw na Talong in a banana leaf is a dish with bursting flavors of freshness. (Photo by Teacher Amber)

Bulalo, a must-eat when in Tagaytay, will make your hungry tummies full and leaving your heart warm. (Jaytee’s Bulalo)

“Kain tayo!” meaning “Let’s eat!” in English is a simple, yet enticing invitation. We are inviting you to taste the flavors of Tagaytay. This city has an idyllic setting with babbling heaths, fresh air, and abundant business establishments. Fortunately, F2F is located at the heart of Tagaytay where it’s dotted by restaurants, shops, and hotels. Food lover? You can get easy access to gastronomic delights from street food to fine dining. All of these near the comforts of your dormitory.

I love cooking. I was shopping with my Taiwanese students and a student manager at a nearby supermarket, Robinson’s.

Students and teachers had a hearty dinner at one of the famous restaurants in Tagaytay, Bag of Beans.

In addition, students are able to learn the interesting culinary culture, try exciting array of dishes, be spellbound by the amazing landscapes, and experience the hospitality of the locals. Students and teachers often enjoy laughs and heartfelt interactions during meals. Truly, “Food is the ingredient that binds us together.” And, it is best experienced when shared with friends. Here at F2F, food is life and everyone is a friend.

Enjoying food together, Students with Teacher Amber

We went to Manila and ate at a buffet. Cabalen is a buffet-restaurant which serves authentic Filipino specialties.

Remember, memories can’t be bought, but food can. We encourage travelers to try and take your experience on a unique journey by being a part of our school and hanging out with us, just like family. Let’s fill our tummies together!

Annyeonghaseyo! We tried out the unlimited Samgyupsal at a Korean restaurant near our school.

Our favorite food, ice cream and cake sprinkled with smiles and laughter

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