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Activities by Bryan2019年1月20日

Ever wonder how teachers and students spend their free time? Since there are boarding teachers at Face To Face, it is beneficial for the students to practice English 24/7. There are tons of activities they can do together and here are my top three things I definitely love doing with students.

Watching movies

Action, romance, adventure, sci-fi, thriller, coming of age, horror, drama, or what have you! Name it, we watch it! There is nothing better than having pizza, soda, beer, potato chips, cozy sofa, friends and family next to you while watching a movie. See the person sitting next to you shed a tear, or hear the one sitting in front of you scream, or watch yourself as you hold your breath on the edge of the seat!

Play games

I can’t even enumerate all the possible games you can play with students and teachers here. May it be indoor or outdoor, I don’t think people choose the game they play here as long as they are having fun. It could be Jenga, or Uno, charades, Pictionary, scrabble, taboo, guess-the-word, and anything your creative mind touches. You may also find yourself playing badminton or dodgeball outside. Just make sure you bring a bucketful of energy for mental and physical exhaustion.

Eating out or in the houses

Definitely something that everybody will always find agree to be fun—eating! You may want to cook in your house. Feel free to invite students and teachers, go to the market, get all the necessary ingredients, go back to the kitchen, cook, wait, and eat! Needless to say, there will be plenty of time to learn English during all these. Or you can order food, have it delivered to your house, savor it with your friends. And if you really want go out, then do so. Visit a restaurant, enjoy a hearty laugh with your teachers and friends. Not only will your stomachs be full, your English be improved, but you are also bound to fill your heart with experiences!

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