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SPA EXPERIENCE By Elbert2019年10月24日

Finding the time to focus on yourself can seem inconceivable for both men and women. However, everyone deserves some time to indulge in being pampered, and spas are the best way to get away from it all and refresh your body.

Increasingly, all men are realising the importance of looking good and feeling good, and many see spas less as an indulgence and more as a health necessity.

While we are often quick to assume a day at the spa is a women’s activity, this certainly isn’t the case. Men have used spas for decades, centuries even and for the exact reasons as women, to look and feel great.

Weekly I visit my favorite spa – Azrama Wellness Spa. It is located at 3rd Floor Jeda Bldg., Tagaytay Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City.



I recently had the good fortune to spend some quality time with my best friend at the spa.

After five days of work, my best friend and I chose to relax and got a pampering massage with my favorite therapist.  At the reception area, we were welcomed by the accommodating receptionist who offered us cups of hot tea.



It is mandatory to take off our footwear before entering the wash area. The therapist washed our feet first then eventually asked us to proceed to the massage room.



The therapist asked me if I wanted lemon oil or ginger oil. I chose ginger but I did not feel any spiciness on my skin nor did I smell any gingery aroma in the room.


I told the therapist to apply hard pressure on my back and gentle pressure on the rest of my body. I also asked her to focus a bit more on my shoulders and around the shoulder blades, and she did.


This was a 90 minute treatment and it was explained that I would first be massaged by my therapist’s hands and then with the heat from the stones before the stones themselves. There was still time for my lower back (my personal weak spot) to receive some extra attention and I soon forgot that hot stones were going to come in at all. Then I noticed her hands becoming warmer and warmer and deliciously soothing – she had positioned hot, and I mean very hot, stones by my side and she swiftly moved her hands from stones to body between each stroke – creating the most wonderfully affective “hot hand massage”.  Once the stones were cool enough (though still hot) they were brought into the massage in the usual way.The whole experience was so good. I have always championed the enjoyment of spa treatment.


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