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Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine By Jefelyn2019年10月25日

Food is one of the basic necessities of humans aside from shelter, water and clothing. That is why some are torn between the thoughts of “I live to eat” or “I eat to live”. Whether which type of person you are, it doesn’t matter because we will end up in the same bottom line that food is important to survive and to live in this world.

Eating is one of the most satisfying things that humans could ever have aside from other material things that give joy to human beings.

When you come here in Face to Face Language and Culture School Inc., your food cravings will be satisfied, for the school is surrounded by restaurants with mouthwatering food.

Let me introduce you in to one of the most famous restaurants that is just 5 mins away from the school by jeepney.


Jaytee’s Restaurant started last 2014. After two years in the business, they have put up two more branches in Tagaytay. They became famous because of their signature dish which is the famous Bulalo Soup. This bone marrow and beef shank soup is one of the most favorite dishes in the Philippines. Aside from the Bulalo Soup, the restaurant is also well-known for their Kare-Kare.  It is a traditional dish of beef oxtail stew based on peanut sauce.


This restaurant is owned by the couple named Tess and Jessie Mojica. The couple believes that their success came from being hands-on to their business. Ms. Tess manages the recipe of their signature dishes while Mr. Jessie handles the marketing of the resto.



Their food is usually good for sharing and the prices are reasonable. They serve sumptuous food with good quality and quantity per serving. ‘Tis why this resto is a blockbuster!



It is also ideal to eat here during special days like birthday, wedding anniversary, monthsary, or any other special day that you celebrate, for the staff will offer you a song. Apart from this freebie, you will be marveled at the unique view of Taal Lake while having your lavish food.



So, what are you waiting for?! Come and study at Face to Face Language and Culture School. Let’s visit this magnificent resto together! Let’s Go!


                                                                                                       By: Teacher Jefelyn


address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
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