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BULALUGAW ( Bulalo + Lugaw) By Mark2019年11月2日

Tagaytay is not only famous for its cool climate and beautiful tourist spots, it is also known for the famous “bulalo”. Bulalo is a kind of beef shank soup that is popular in this place and also the neighboring provinces. It is especially fit with the cold climate of this area. Most probably, that is the reason why some people made a twist with a combination of “bulalo” which means beef shank and “lugaw” which means porridge.


From this, “bulalugaw” was invented. It was quite weird at first, but worth trying to know what makes it different. The texture was quite impressive. It doesn’t possess the rubbery like consistency. The taste was so rich that you can feel the entire flavor in your mouth when you try to feel it. The calamansi added extra sour taste which comes perfectly match with roasted garlic and spring onions. Adding an extra hard-boiled egg makes it more flavorful.

Many people really enjoy it because it’s delicious, the serving size matches your expectation and most of all, and the price is reasonable which makes it as one of the best option for those who has hungry stomach that need to be filled.


 It doesn’t matter which time of the day you will attempt to eat it, as long as there is a nearby place that you can find. It’s never too late trying these traditional Filipino foods that adds more color into our culture. It also defines us and makes us unique from others.

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