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Tagaytay City Market Food AdvenTOUR By Rina2019年11月4日

 Street Food tour has become one of the latest trends nowadays. Aside from being able to visit various places with beautiful views, you get to try different local foods as well. Delicious and pocket-friendly foodstuffs. Well, who doesn’t like food? The right question is where to?


My Japanese students Rika (on the left) and Nao (on the right) during their “Street Food English Class”.



Students and tourists like Rika and Nao who are foodies (someone who eats food not out of hunger but because of their interest or hobby) have a place here in Tagaytay City, Philippines. One of the best places is Tagaytay City Market. It is the biggest local market in Tagaytay, about 10-15 minutes away from Tagaytay City proper. You can ride a tricycle or a jeepney to get there. It costs 9 Php ($0.17) when you ride a jeepney and 50 Php ($0.96)  for tricycle. Tagaytay City Market has variety of food to choose from. Exquisite Filipino dishes, snacks, drinks, and the all time favorite delicacies such as Puto (rice cake), Bibingka, Sapin-sapin, Kutsinta and a lot more are the ones you shouldn’t miss. These are meticulously made with love and symbolize the bond between Filipino families. The Filipino Street food tour would not be complete without Tokneneng (Filipino style tempura) , Isaw (chicken intestine), Barbeque, Quekiam, Fishball and Balut (fertilized duck egg). If these satisfied my students’ curiosity and tummy, yours will, too. Whether you are a mega rich or in a real budget crunch, there’s something for you to try. Something that you will always look forward to eat.



Are you a Foodie? An explorer maybe? Your day isn’t complete without trying mouth-watering dishes but doing so will make you broke. Well, I got you there! Budget is not a thing to worry about. The proof is in the pudding! Come here in Tagaytay and let’s go on a Street Food Tour!

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