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Another Haven for Coffee Lovers By Joshua2019年11月13日

Here in the Philippines, when I think about coffee, the mental picture that is being painted is a hot beverage that is perfect when paired with salty food like silog (fried rice and something, usually meat, fried) or pan de sal (salted bread.)

Some prefer having something sweet when drinking their coffee. Cakes! Who does not love them?

Whether you are a fan of heavy meals, sweets or just want to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea), there is a place for you.

In Tagaytay City, there is a cafe that serves silog and cakes – Barako Haus.


Enter Barako Haus

What makes Barako Haus interesting is their Siginlog Combo, an amalgamation of the words sinangag (fried rice), ginisa (something sautéed), and itlog (egg).

For just three dollars you can enjoy these great Filipino dishes which are served with coffee than can be either hot or ice brew.

The ambience takes you back to the simple beginnings of the Filipinos. There are seats that have low tables, a truly Asian setting that makes you feel at home. But if that is not your thing, they also have the regular tables and chairs.

And there is the true highlight of this café: its coffee.

Barako or Kapeng Barako is a variety of coffee which is rarely imported, accounting for only 2 percent of commercial coffee, for it is normally produced by relatively smaller farms.

The word “barako” roughly translates as stud, a word that symbolizes masculinity. In terms of coffee, barako means strong and rich.

If you love good and affordable coffee, Barako Haus might be the one for you.


address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
E-mail :