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Christmas is Coming By Mafe2019年11月16日

Christmas is one of the most important events in the Philippines. It’s a religious event in which the members of the family gather and celebrate the birthday of Jesus. Actually, I will not talk about Christmas. I want to show you some types of traditional rice cake that can usually be eaten during the Christmas season.



First, I want to show you Puto Bumbong. I think this rice cake is a bit similar to mochi in Japan. It is eaten with mixed grated coconut and muscovado or brown sugar. It is best with hot tea.


The other one is Bibingka. It’s a baked rice cake traditionally topped with salted eggs or cheese. To bake this, a unique clay pot (oven) line with pre-cut banana leaf is needed.



One of my students tried our native rice cakes which you can buy during the dawn masses on Christmas season. However, to easily bring you the Filipino Christmas feels, some restaurants serve them all the time.


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