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“When the Rain is Falling” by Mainard2019年11月26日

“When the Rain is Falling”

By: Teacher Mainard

When the rain is falling in Tagaytay

All you wanna do is your loved one and you spending time

For Tagaytay is a place to create memories

That would last for centuries

As the rain comes unexpectedly

So as your love that makes my heart beats steadily

Oh dear, when the rain is fallin’ down

My only wish is for you to be around

Tagaytay is chilly

So when you are coming near me

Hold my hands and let me go

For forever will I stay with you


When the rain in falling in Tagaytay

It’s always a perfect time

For you by my side

Having tea, watching the raindrops, and forget the nasty past behind.


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