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F2F’S MOTHER! by Teacher Bryan2019年12月30日


Everybody agrees that a mother’s love is the most unconditional power in the world. Mothers are willing to give you anything without asking anything in return. Here in Face To Face, we have a mother who helps anybody anytime. Let’s meet Mariko-san.

Mariko-san has been my student for more or less 7 years. I love her very much and I know that everybody does too. She has a very pure heart as she knows how to listen. She is also a good student because she always practices English and she never seems to forget her homework. Surprisingly, she has the mother instinct: she is sensitive to what others feel. She knows when somebody is feeling down or unwell. Plus, she is hilarious! She knows how to make people laugh with her jokes followed by iconic “20 Pesos!”

Another good trait of Mariko-san that people love is her vibrant personality. She greets everybody regardless of whoever the person is. She says “good morning” and “thanks” to almost everybody: teachers, students, kids, adults, guards, jeepney drivers, supermarket staff, what have you!

Mariko-san also enjoys cooking! She cooks for Face To Face people almost every day. She lot more! When she sees your plate empty, she will go to the kitchen again and come back to the table with another dish! She also makes coffee for people, which is extremely helpful!

Have you ever met a beautiful soul like Mariko-san?

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