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Nail it! Present it! by Teacher Rina2020年1月6日

Nail it! Present it!


Presentation is one of the things most of us hate. It can be a demonstration, an introduction, a speech or a lecture that aims to inform,inspire, motivate, persuade and present ideas or products.


Standing in front of the crowd with different status in life, different personalities and different perspectives is never a joke. You would surely find yourself shaking and sweating because of embarrassment. Face to Face Language and Culture School understands how you feel. We know it’s not a piece of cake but we want you to shine.

Try these tips to stand out during your presentation:

  1. Know your audience. This helps you choose the right topics and materials for your presentation. I suggest you prepare catchy topics suitable for whatever age group, profession or race your spectators belong to.


  1. Be Confident. If you know your topic and have your visuals prepared, there’s nothing to worry about. People would willingly lend their ears if they know their time isn’t wasted.


  1. Remember the C’s skills: Clarity, Conciseness and Consistency. Meeting everyone’s expectation is a big challenge. It can be overwhelming. Regardless of the pressure, speak slowly and clearly. Your listeners should get what you point out. It should be something they can relate to. Avoid using jargon and crutch words as well. Add some humor and it’s perfect!                                                (Natsu giving a presentation.)

If you want some more tips, it’s better for you  to just come here. We’d be very glad to help you all the way. It would be worth it!


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