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The Philippine Commute by Teacher Joshua2020年3月12日
The Philippine Commute

Moving from point A to B is part of our daily lives.
People go to work, to school, and wherever they wanted or needed to be.
In the Philippines, commuting is really affordable.
In Tagaytay City, there are three types of vehicles which are regularly used by the people – buses, jeepneys, and tricycles.
As a person who regularly does commuting, I got a good idea on how fast and affordable they can be; it is a part of my routine.
Meet the Philippine vehicles.
The Bus
The bus fare for roughly one to eight kilometers costs 26 Philippine Pesos (0.51 US Dollar) – enough to go from Face to Face to any mall in Tagaytay City.
A 36-kilometer bus ride only costs 60 Philippine Pesos (1.18 US Dollars) – the distance between Face to Face School to Ayala Mall in Imus, a city located just two hours away from Manila.
Less than 100 Philippine Pesos (< 1.97 US Dollars) is all you need to get to Manila. And from there, you might need to get another ride to your destination.
The Jeepney
The jeepney is a Philippine symbol; it helps us get where we want at a price that won’t break the bank. The fare is way cheaper than the bus’. As of the time of writing, 9 Philippine Pesos (0.18 US Dollars).
Cheap, reliable, efficient. Our pride, the Philippine jeepney is second to none.
The Tricycle
The three-wheeled taxi in the province takes you to places big vehicles cannot easily access. For a price that can be divided among 2 – 5 passengers, walking is not a option when there are tricycles around. Price starts from 10 Philippine pesos, just slightly pricier than jeepneys. 
Worried about the cost of living in the Philippines?
Fear not.

Transportation is not a big problem when cost is the concern.
Fighting the Cold, the Tagaytay Way
Though snow isn’t a thing in the Philippines, like Baguio, Tagaytay is also a place for those who want to feel the cold weather.
Even if it is not raining, the monthly average temperature can be as cold as 18.8 degrees Celsius.
To prepare for this freezing condition, one should do the following.

1. Prepare clothing for the cold weather.
This is the number one in the to-do list to fight the cold. Jackets (or sweaters, coats, etc.) are enough. There’s no need for gloves and earmuffs since it isn’t as cold as snowy areas.
2. Drink coffee
Coffee is the beverage that I recommend for people who feel cold. When you visit Tagaytay you should try the “Barako coffee”, which is one of the best coffees in the Philippines.
3. Stay active
Not moving a muscle is not a smart thing to do if you want to stay warm. There are gyms in Tagaytay and having gym buddies might be a good opportunity to make friends and improve your communication skills.
4. Eat warming food
When we think about hot food in Tagaytay, one food comes to mind – Bulalo. This hot beef bone marrow soup is perfect for all seasons, but it is especially delicious on cold weathers. Other food one should try is “Champorado”, chocolate porridge and “Sinigang”, sour vegetable and meat soup.
There’s nothing to worry about the cold in the hilltop. With these simple steps, I’m sure you can enjoy the Tagaytay experience.
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