• Under the Tree By Mafe

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    Do you think studying Enlgish is difficult and tiring? Oh, I think you are right. I will definitely tell you “It’s not easy!” Let me introduce my student. She is Hikari, a diligent, smart and studious student. She studied English for 6 months. But like what I mentioned earlier, studying English is tiring. Since she was a long-term student, she became less and less interested as time went by.   So we thought of some ways to motivate her. Who says studying can only be done in the classroom? To make it more relaxing and interesting, we studied under the trees while drinking our favorite coffee.   Studying English is not as easy as counting 123. However, we can make it easier and more interesting together.

  • Shopaholic By Joana

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    Tagaytay is popular tourist destination where you can experience cool temperature with beautiful nature. You can also try different kinds of cafes, restaurants, shopping malls and ukay ukay here. Tagaytay has been a thrift shopping place for tourists especially for foreigners, ukay-ukay is one of the examples. It is a store wherein secondhand apparels like clothes, bags, shoes and other accessories are being sold at very cheap prices. There are lots of good and unique pieces here, too.     Local and tourists enjoying their staying or vacations here in Tagaytay because aside from its weather and close to nature, you can also experience good malls and groceries with very cheap prices. Like, Ayala malls, Robinsons, Fora Malls, etc. Here in Tagaytay you can experience the local culture and charm while looking for unique items to bring home.     “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where …

  • 100 Peso Frappuccino at Starbucks Philippines By JZ

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    If this isn’t your first time on this home page, you probably already know that people at Face to Face School live for coffee. And where else is the best place to have an afternoon cup of your favorite coffee but Starbucks! However, what if all of a sudden, you realize you were running out of money, and you checked your pocket only to find that you only had a 100 peso bill left? Well, that wouldn’t have been a problem if you had been in the Philippines these past few weeks.   Earlier in August, Starbucks Philippines announced its 100 Peso Frappuccino on Wednesdays Promo. It’s quite simple really—from July 31st to September 4th, coffee-lovers had a chance to purchase a Grande Frappuccino at Starbucks from 3PM to 6PM for only 100 pesos. You read it right—for only 100 pesos! That was a good opportunity to enjoy a variety …

  • SPEAK! SAY! TELL! By Cheche

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    Language Skill #2: SPEAKING   Speaking is the second language skill we get in learning English. It is what is known as a productive skill, or an active skill, as it involves us to use our verbal tract and our brains correctly produces language through sound. It is the second of two natural language skills.       Knowing how to speak will help you:  ・Engage people in conversation  ・Address audiences     Speaking can be formal or informal:  ・Informal speaking is typically used with family and friends, or people you know well.  ・Formal speaking occurs in business or academic situations, or when meeting people for the first time.     Speaking is perhaps the language skill that most language learners desire to perfect as soon as possible. It used to be the only language skill that was difficult to practice online. This is no longer a problem. Come and …

  • Turk’s By Em

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    Good day everyone! Teacher Em here… On this blog we are going to talk about food.   It is originally a middle-eastern cuisine consisting of meat cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone like shaped “pita” bread and roasted slowly on a turning vertical rotisserie or spit. For those of you who don’t have any idea, I’m talking about “Shawarma” (some other names includes: Chawarma, Shaurma or Showarma). Still no idea? Okay, other similar dishes are Doner Kebab, Al Pastor and Gyros. Nothing comes to mind? Okay, originally they use Lamb or Mutton for the meat it is said that Turkey and Veal are also alternatives but in the Philippines; Beef and Chicken are the most common. They commonly have tomatoes, cucumber and onions to go with it. This dish is usually “made to order” meaning, they only prepare it after you order it and you can usually see …

  • Jaytee’s Filipino Cuisine By Jefelyn

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    Food is one of the basic necessities of humans aside from shelter, water and clothing. That is why some are torn between the thoughts of “I live to eat” or “I eat to live”. Whether which type of person you are, it doesn’t matter because we will end up in the same bottom line that food is important to survive and to live in this world. Eating is one of the most satisfying things that humans could ever have aside from other material things that give joy to human beings. When you come here in Face to Face Language and Culture School Inc., your food cravings will be satisfied, for the school is surrounded by restaurants with mouthwatering food. Let me introduce you in to one of the most famous restaurants that is just 5 mins away from the school by jeepney.   Jaytee’s Restaurant started last 2014. After two …


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    Finding the time to focus on yourself can seem inconceivable for both men and women. However, everyone deserves some time to indulge in being pampered, and spas are the best way to get away from it all and refresh your body. Increasingly, all men are realising the importance of looking good and feeling good, and many see spas less as an indulgence and more as a health necessity. While we are often quick to assume a day at the spa is a women’s activity, this certainly isn’t the case. Men have used spas for decades, centuries even and for the exact reasons as women, to look and feel great. Weekly I visit my favorite spa – Azrama Wellness Spa. It is located at 3rd Floor Jeda Bldg., Tagaytay Calamba Road, Sungay East, Tagaytay City.     I recently had the good fortune to spend some quality time with my best …

  • Night Stroll By Jiezel

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    In Tagaytay City, riding a jeepney at night isn’t as easy as any other countries in the Philippines. Jeepney’s last trip is around 10pm,so if you decide to go out for a midnight snack, you might just end up walking which is a good evening exercise. Students and teachers in the picture were planning to go night swimming, yet all possible swimming pools weren’t available at night. Instead, we went for a night stroll and had midnight snack at Mcdonalds! With Tagaytay’s cool temperature at night, without a doubt, we had a great time. Especially when you’re on a night stroll with your students and whom you also consider as good friends!  

  • You are never far from home. By Chris

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    Learning a second language is not as easy as eating marshmallows or as fast as blinking, but not as difficult as climbing mountains or digging diamonds. Learning another language is a process that can sometimes be frustrating and discouraging. “How can I learn and use another language that sounds just as normal as my own, especially on a daily basis?” “How can I study abroad if I always miss my home and my family? “How could I live in another country if my culture were different?”   Worry no more! Face to Face Language and Culture School is   where learning English becomes a leisure… Face to Face Language and Culture School is located in Tagaytay City, Philippines. A place where a city and countryside meet. Its altitude and cool climate give everyone space to breathe and a retreat from a stressful city life.   Studying English in Face to …

  • Coffee Lover by Joana

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    Are you a coffee lover? Coffee Addict? I’m sure most of you loves coffee very much. Coffee for you is more than just a normal drink. Your morning is not complete without a cup of coffee whether you’re watching a movie, enjoying the sunset or just talking to your friends. It is always a good way to relax and enjoy the intoxicating smell of this magical drink. If you found yourself that your day is not complete without a coffee then you are definitely a coffee lover. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this. I’m also a coffee lover, in fact while I’m writing this blog, I’m having my favorite hot black coffee.   If you’re looking for different places to have coffee and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature then our country’s second summer capital is the best place for you. Tagaytay is known for …

  • Spooky Season in Starbucks By Amber

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    The season I’ve been waiting for the most has finally come! People like me who are obsessed with Starbucks and Halloween, hold October very dearly for it is when a limited edition drink arrives… the Pumpkin Spice Latte.     This drink is usually available only for the month of October in the Philippines. It is originally a US and Canada only Starbucks drink, until a couple of years ago when the franchise finally heeded the call of their customers. Pumpkin spice is a symbol of autumn in the United States. What is pumpkin spice? It is a combination of five other spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, cloves and allspice. It’s definitely a must-have whether in cakes, muffins, pies and of course coffee. The craze people have for it is inexplicable. The fact that it has reached our shores and has become well-loved by Filipinos just show how much our country …


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    These days, motivation is in short supply when it comes to achieving our goals. We experience a barrage of pressure to perform, achieve, or to find our personal direction in life. Finding your place in the world is already overwhelming in and of itself, much less finding the motivation to do anything. Thus, as imperfect as I am, I will nonetheless impart some advice on how to stay motivated so that you may increase your chance in achieving your desired goal.     Good Habits Aristotle once said that “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” It’s so much easier to do something when you’ve set yourself into doing the small things that contribute to that excellence, or whatever desired goal you’re working for.   As an example, good oral care is easily maintained when you’ve established it as an automatic habit …

  • THE COCONUT By Joshua

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    The coconut tree is one of the most important trees in the Philippines. Because the Philippines is a tropical country, this tree grows well, and it is recognized as a symbol of our culture and a sustainable source of income for the Filipino people. It is said that all of its parts are useful – from the tips of its leaves to its roots. Its leaves when dried are made into brooms. Its body is a good source of wood. And its fruits are a part of Asian dishes. At Mahogany Market, a market that is just a few minutes away from Face to Face School, we can buy coconut water, which is sold for only 20 Philippine pesos per fruit. Coconut water has several benefits. 1. It is nutritious. It provides carbohydrates (energy), fiber (cleanses body), and vitamin C (prevents sickness).   2. It hydrates you. The water of …

  • Champorado + Cocoa= Wow! By Mark

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    Filipinos have a lot of traditional food that we can call our own. Coming from a county that has rich culture and abundant in nature; we learned to use these things that surrounds us into our own advantage. We tend to create several foods that later innovates into something that we proudly serve nowadays. As one of the most popular Filipino food, we used the traditional Cocoa to make a delicious chocolate drink. It was a success which made people realized the benefit of this tree.   The eaiest way  of making this appetizing chocolate drink incudes three basic steps.  Whisk, Heat, and Pour. Whisk: the cacao together with a little sugar and milk . Heat: for around 5- 10 minutes with low heat, make sure not to overcook it. Pour: into the cup and drink while its hot. Having this drink will help you boost your energy and with …

  • Ber months and Donuts By Amber

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    Donut you like promos? It’s the “Ber Months” again in the Philippines which means sales and promos are again aplenty due to the coming Christmas season. One of my favorite promos is the discounted donuts of Krispy Kreme! You can choose from different promos ranging from donut and coffee combo to half a dozen glazed donuts or a dozen mixed donuts which are a great treat for families or friends. To make things even better, they also offer the Originals Card. It is 195 php and you can get a free half a dozen Original Glazed donuts upon completing your registration.  On top of that, you can get the same freebie on succeeding orders of a dozen donuts with a maximum of 6 freebies a month. You will also get 3 free donuts on your birthday. The card can also be used for other discounts in all Max Group restaurants. …


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    Language Skill #3: READING Reading is the third language skill we may develop in learning a language. As with listening, it is able to receive ideas or passive skill, as it needs us to use our eyes and brains to understand the written equivalent of spoken language. It is one of the two unnatural language skills. This skill refers to the ability to know written text. It is reasonable to develop the skill at early age of schooling. When students understand written text, and combine their understanding with prior knowledge, they are able to perform the following three reading – comprehension skills. 1. Identify simple facts presented in written text. 2. Make judgments about the written texts content. 3. Connect the text to other written passages and situations. “Reading for pleasure is more important for educational success.” Therefore, there’s a very obvious place to start those wishing to improve your …

  • NUVALI, NUVALI but YOU By Rina

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    Busy streets, stressful work, tiring school life, daily ritual movement.. It’s suffocating, right? You deserve a break! Thankfully, the Philippines has a lot of good things to offer you. Nuvali is one of the perfect places to visit. It is a master-planned residential, commercial and recreational development complex that has great things for everyone. It is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, just more than 30 minutes away from Tagaytay, accessible through vans for commuters, more or less 150 Php ($2.88) back and forth. Here are some of the tranquilizing things you can do in Nuvali:   1 Koi Fish Feeding If you are with a kid or you are a kid inside, Koi fish feeding will be the best for you. It is one of the most popular activities you can do in Nuvali. Koi are ornamental and omnivorous fish. They help to keep the lake clean. You would be …

  • Tasty Bananas for Free! By Jefelyn

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    Where in the world would you find something for free? In this era of the world where everything cost an arm and a leg, it is difficult to find something free of charge. In the past, people survived because they were dependent to nature especially when it comes to food, however in the world today, people depend on technologies to live. Reminiscing the past, it was truly great to learn that people used to focus in developing agricultural products as a form of livelihood, but people today are transforming those agricultural lands into industrial subdivisions, parks, malls, condominiums and resorts.  Because of this, natural resources that used to be free became exclusive. The fast pacing industrial development of the world affected the growth of agrarian products and it leads for natural resources to become scarce. Fortunately, Face to Face main dormitory, which we called the Red House is surrounded by …

  • Travelling around Tagaytay By Em

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    Good day everyone! My name is Teacher EM. For this blog I’m going to talk about travelling around Tagaytay City during the weekends. You may ask, “What do you mean about travelling around the city?” you see, travelling around the city during the weekdays and during the weekends or holidays is totally different, as the city has set up specific routes around the school vicinity that can be very confusing to both Filipinos and F2F students alike. Let’s discuss and try to understand more about these routes. For us to understand it better. There are 2 main roads that are being used around the school: **Emilio Aguinaldo highway (Casino Road)        **Mahogany Avenue (NBI Road) (TWO WAY SCHEME) Regular Weekday Route During Mondays thru Fridays (except Holidays), our start point is going to be the village gate (Tagaytay Heights Main Gate) “TWO WAY SCHEME” is being implemented, both roads can be …

  • Let’s go swimming By Mafe

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    After long tiring weekdays, we deserve a relaxing and fun weekend. Do you think so too? But how could we? The Philippines is a tropical country. The weather is usually hot (Actually, it’s unpredictable.), so swimming is the answer Fortunately, the subdivision where our dormitories are located has swimming pools. How lucky we are!  If you have a hundred peso, you can swim for  a day! Clubhouse is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. From our dormitories, it will just take us 10 minutes on foot to go there. Don’t forget to bring your colorful swimwear because they won’t allow you to swim if you are not wearing the appropriate clothes. C’mmon! Let’s go swimming.

  • Crowning Glory By Elbert

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    I always wanted to experience having a hair make-over in a Korean Salon. I need not to worry as a newly renovated full Korean salon just opened in Olivarez, Tagaytay City. The place is so instagrammable! It’s a light brown and violet themed salon. It’s so spacious and so tidy too and they have designated areas for every service they offer. The salon offers the following services: 1. Haircut/ Hair Make-Over/ Hair Color/ Hair Rebonding (anything related to hair beautification 2. Nail Art 3. Microblading 4. Make-Up/ Updo 5. Piercing 6. Eyelash Extension   Price actually depends on the service. Some can be a bit pricey too, yet this salon offers discounts from time to time. Currently, they have this package promo and a student discount. Also, they offer free cucumber juice and candy. The receptionist is very accommodating, as well as the Korean owners.   As for my experience, …

  • Kuuma Kaakao By Norlene

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    I remember it was a rainy Tuesday evening as I was my way home. At that time, I didn’t want to go home yet. Then it came across my mind of having something to drink. I passed by a local coffee shop. I didn’t realize it is a café at first because of its unique name. Out of my curiosity, as I entered the vicinity, I discovered an astonishing place. I was impressed with how well organized it was.   New location: Hillcrest Plaza, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay City     ‘Kuuma’ means ‘hot’ while ‘Kaakao’ means ‘cocoa’ in the Finnish language. The store itself means ‘hot cocoa’. Don’t get me wrong, the store also offers cold drinks and mostly, Filipino delicacies. Wondering why it’s Finnish? I guess the owner got inspired about the country–Finland. It is actually one of the top three coffee-drinking countries in the …

  • Tenki No Ko (Weathering With You) with Face to Face Students By JZ

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    Have you ever wished that you could control the weather? I mean, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make it rain when it’s boiling hot outside, or if you could make the sun shine after a week of cloudy and rainy days. Well, if you haven’t seen Tenki No Ko (Weathering With You), you’re totally missing out on a great story that can make you feel positive about life. Last September 3rd, Sae, who is a good friend of mine and also one of our student managers, invited me to see this movie. I have always been a big fan of Makoto Shinkai since I got the chance to watch one of the most successful Japanese animation movies Kimi No Nawa. That was why without any hesitation, I said “Yes!” We also invited two of my students, Hikaru and Renta. We headed to Fora Mall cinema after the classes. …

  • COLLECTING By Jiezel

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    According to psychologists, the hobby of collecting counteracts the stress of life; therefore, it helps people to maintain a positive and happy environment.   Humans like to collect antiques, work of art, cars, books, and even people. People collect people. Kidding aside. My student Steve (not his real name) collects Spongebob printed items and clothes. In his childhood, he used to watch the said cartoon character with his friends and started collecting stuff since then. He describes Spongebob as not only an active yellow sponge, who lives underwater, but a lazy, kind of stupid and over-optimistic character. I believe my student was influenced by the character in many different ways. One of which is being optimistic, so he prefers not to worry and have a positive outlook in life. He is also a little lazy in studying, but when he decides to attend our class, I know he does his …

  • There’s more to beauty than what meets the eye By Chris

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    The Philippines is known to have a vast marine biodiversity and beautiful beaches, a destination for newlyweds, a peaceful place for retirement and one of the best places to study English. It is comprised of 17 regions and each region has unique offering.   Tagaytay City, which is in Region IV, is one of the most favorite spots for leisure and English learning. Its high altitude provides cool climate and windows to magnificent landscape and the scenic view of the Taal Volcano.   Tagaytay City has a lot to offer. It is one of the best places for wedding receptions, recreations, retreats, summer vacations and studies. Its location on the mountain ridges gives everyone access to all the main highways going to the main city like Manila in approximately two hours, to the nearest breathtaking resorts in Batangas for about an hour and a half, to many amusement parks in …