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Below is a list of items you will generally need to bring with you when you study in Tagaytay.

When entering the Philippines, your passport must be valid for more than the period of your stay here. Please make sure to check its validity period.

◎Flights tickets
When entering the Philippines, you must have an outgoing ticket. You must prepare a departure ticket as well, not just a one-way ticket for entry.

※ After you have been confirmed for enrollment, we will send you a document detailing how to obtain your airline tickets.
※ Many students prefer to use LCC (Low Cost Carrier: Cebu Pacific Airlines or Jetstar Airways). If you are not sure how to get a ticket, please feel free to contact us for advice.

After arriving at the school, you can go to a nearby mall with our staff to exchange money for Philippine pesos.

◎Credit Card / International Debit Card
If you have a credit card, you can purchase items locally. You can also use ATMs for cash advances.
If you have an international cash card, you can withdraw cash directly from your own bank account in your home country using a local ATM.
For details, please inquire with your credit card company or bank.

◎Travel insurance
In the event of an accident, theft, or illness overseas, having overseas travel insurance will be of great help. We strongly recommend that you acquire such insurance to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances.
Please contact each insurance company for details.

Our school has a staff with a nursing license, so we will provide assistance in case of illness.
In addition, a doctor from one of our partner hospitals will make a house call once a week. Those who have overseas travel insurance (even those with credit card insurance) can receive cashless medical examinations and prescriptions for medicines.

◎Daily necessities
Bathroom essentials (shampoo, body soap, bathroom tissue, etc.), toiletries, medicine (for colds, intestines, etc.), insect repellent, slippers, swimsuits, sunglasses, etc. (If you are going to the beach on holidays, please bring your own).

Clothes, towels, etc. (Basically, you can wear short-sleeved clothes. However, our school is located in a cooler area in the Philippines. Please bring long-sleeved clothes for nighttime use. Please adjust your outfits accordingly, as there are places with air conditioning (e.g., inside malls and buses).

Rain gear (umbrellas, raincoats, etc.) The Philippines has two distinct seasons, rainy and summer, but even during the summer season, there are times when it rains suddenly and unexpectedly. (Also, please prepare in advance for typhoons, which can cause strong wind and rain.)

◎Study materials
Dictionary, reference books, writing utensils, laptop (a tablet or smartphone would be very useful for study)

◎Voltage transformer
The voltage in the Philippines is 220V/60Hz. A transformer might be required when using the products in your home country (those that are compatible only with 110V). Many laptop computers and cell phone chargers are equipped with a transformer, so please check with your device in advance.


※ We will lend you a hair dryer, but please prepare other daily necessities on your own (We will not lend you individual items). After arriving at the school, you may go to a nearby mall to purchase items locally.

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