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School Activity, going to Puerto Galera2017年8月12日

Hello. I’m a student manager Kurumi.

This time I will write about Puerto Galera, the teachers, students for a total of 18 people had a weekend activity last June, which have held an overnight for 2 days!

Face to Face English School regularly hosts activities organized by the teacher.

First, Puerto Galera is a resort located on the northern side of the Philippine -island of Mindoro. Although it seems that its name unrecognized and is still unknown in Japan, it seems that it is famous even for diving etc. because it was certified as a [one of the most beautiful bays in the world] by UNESCO’s support organization in 2005 and the transparency of the sea is high at the white beach.

In the morning, we are heading to Batangas Port where you can catch a bus from Tagaytay. We rode by bus for about an hour and a half.We reached the Batangas Port where the ship could found and we rode a ship with other foreigner.It was so cool!  Really, Filipino are so friendly and cheerful.

The sea and the sky were pure blue and it was really comfortable!

We arrived at Puerto Galera!

We had lunch at the restaurant along the beach while seeing the beautiful white sand and the blue sea.It was so clear that you could see its natural beauty. We ate Pork Sinigang (sour soup) and it was one of the famous of Philippine cuisine!

Then we went snorkeling and we went to the cave and enjoyed it!

We had also dinner prepared by the teacher. After the dinner we had party at night.We really enjoyed and had so much fun.The foods were so delicious!

The next day we had so many activities. we played a lot, took so many picture and enjoyed the day because we returned back to Tagaytay at noon.

By the way, I was seriously playing hard. I didn’t feel tired until the time that i felt i have muscle pain.

It was a one night  and 2 days trip, but I really feel so good.Spending time with the teachers and the students was so great. It was unforgettable memories for us!

I had talked a lot with my teachers while staying with them.Spending these time together was priceless, I was able to learned English that I could not easily hear with my classes alone. And I enjoyed my English conversation with the local people!

Everyone who wants to study abroad try it here in the Philippines,

We are waiting for you at Face to Face English School!

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