Endaya Cove by Teacher Amber

The Taal Lake and Volcano is Batangas’ most treasured gem. It is what made Tagaytay a famous tourist destination having been blessed with its most beautiful view. However, there are also other places surrounding this natural wonder where you can admire its beauty more peacefully. Away from the throngs that crowd Tagaytay every weekend or holiday is my humble hometown, Cuenca. It is more well known for Mount Maculot – a favorite among mountaineers from far and wide. And tucked here is also a quiet haven that gives you amazing views of both the famous lake and mountain. Endaya Cove is owned and run by one of the most prominent families in Cuenca. It is a humble resort with an infinity pool overlooking the magnificent view of Taal Lake and Mt. Maculot. There are also lodgings for different group sizes. They have amenities that can cater to day tour or …

Bag of Beans by Teacher Jiezel

  A lot of restaurants in Tagaytay offer beautiful views and delicious food. One of them is called Bag of Beans. It’s a posh restaurant where you can enjoy filipino dishes and american breakfast. Some of my students had a lovely one few weeks ago.If you want to wine and dine some friends, I recommend this place. First, the ambience is quite nice. It’s quaint and cozy, and for people like me who are a bit old-fashioned, this is the best place to go. Second, they serve this little blueberry cheesecake that is said to be one of their favorites. You’ve got a sweet tooth? This is the one. Last but definitely not the least, the portions are larger than most places I know. So it’s the best restaurant for people who eat like a horse.

New place By Teacher Amber

Sip n’ Brew There’s a new milk tea place in town! Luckily, it’s located near the Face to Face Language School building – about 10 minutes on foot and way faster if you take the jeepney. The newcomer chose the old Station 15 Bar building to accommodate customers, just across 711. It’s a humble space but homey on the inside. The staff are nice as well, greeting us with smiles and taking our orders with pleasant faces. They answered questions politely. It was a good practice for my Japanese companions to converse in English with a person other than their teachers. Now, I do not consider myself a connoisseur with anything tea [especially milk tea] since I am a coffee person [ Starbucks holds my heart forever!], however, I was curious about the new place. It has just opened on the 1st of December and a friend shared details about …

The Perks of Being an English Teacher By Teacher Jz

When I was a kid, just like all my other friends, I dreamt of becoming a doctor so that I could give assistance to people who are sick free of charge, or maybe for a very cheap price. Then when I was in high school, I thought why not be a news anchor or a journalist since I was keen on speaking. Being a dancer and a singer also crossed my young mind because I thought “Why not?” As you can see, I had lots and lots of dreams, but eventually I became an English teacher, and I am beyond glad to have landed this unexpected yet one of a kind job. Why do I love my job so much? I could give you several reasons. First and foremost, I get to grow in my job every single day. Teaching requires not only passion but also hard work. In my …


WRITE! EXPRESS! SCRIBBLE! Language Skill #4: WRITING Writing is a communicative skill to send, store and retrieve messages with the help of written symbols. It the process of using symbols like letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces to communicate thoughts and ideas in a clear form.   Here are the five benefits of writing for every student: Boosts confidence Stimulates imagination Develops language skills Enable thinking out-of-the-box Acts as a model of self-expression   Writing skills are an important part of communication. It allows you to connect your message with clearness and ease to a far larger audience than though face-to-face or telephone conversation.   Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are keys in written messages. The reader will make an opinion of you, the writer, based on both the content and presentation, and errors are likely to lead them form a bad impression. DID YOU KNOW THAT? Writing is …

A Park in The Sky by Jz

A Park in The Sky by Teacher Jz What comes to mind when you hear the word park? Grass, playground, picnic, swing, ground are almost always the usual answers. However, there is one park in Tagaytay City that is quite unique in its own way, and is supposed to be “in the sky” as its name suggest. It’s the park called People’s Park in The Sky.  To get there from Face to Face School, you have to take a jeepney, which is the most common public transpo in the Philippines, to Olivarez Terminal (9 pesos) and transfer to another jeepney going to People’s Park (16 pesos). The whole commute will take you about 30 minutes. The route to the park is a bit winding and ascending. As you get nearer and nearer, the scenery will get better and better. When you arrived at the park, you will have to pay …

Under the Tree By Mafe

Do you think studying Enlgish is difficult and tiring? Oh, I think you are right. I will definitely tell you “It’s not easy!” Let me introduce my student. She is Hikari, a diligent, smart and studious student. She studied English for 6 months. But like what I mentioned earlier, studying English is tiring. Since she was a long-term student, she became less and less interested as time went by.   So we thought of some ways to motivate her. Who says studying can only be done in the classroom? To make it more relaxing and interesting, we studied under the trees while drinking our favorite coffee.   Studying English is not as easy as counting 123. However, we can make it easier and more interesting together.

Night Stroll By Jiezel

In Tagaytay City, riding a jeepney at night isn’t as easy as any other countries in the Philippines. Jeepney’s last trip is around 10pm,so if you decide to go out for a midnight snack, you might just end up walking which is a good evening exercise. Students and teachers in the picture were planning to go night swimming, yet all possible swimming pools weren’t available at night. Instead, we went for a night stroll and had midnight snack at Mcdonalds! With Tagaytay’s cool temperature at night, without a doubt, we had a great time. Especially when you’re on a night stroll with your students and whom you also consider as good friends!  


According to psychologists, the hobby of collecting counteracts the stress of life; therefore, it helps people to maintain a positive and happy environment.   Humans like to collect antiques, work of art, cars, books, and even people. People collect people. Kidding aside. My student Steve (not his real name) collects Spongebob printed items and clothes. In his childhood, he used to watch the said cartoon character with his friends and started collecting stuff since then. He describes Spongebob as not only an active yellow sponge, who lives underwater, but a lazy, kind of stupid and over-optimistic character. I believe my student was influenced by the character in many different ways. One of which is being optimistic, so he prefers not to worry and have a positive outlook in life. He is also a little lazy in studying, but when he decides to attend our class, I know he does his …

A Family that Learns English Together

Learning begins at home. Even after school, parents also learn by helping children with homework. A popular adage says, “A family that prays together stays together.” Well, let me revise it this way: “A family that learns English together achieves wonderful things together.”What if parents and children learn together as students in the same school?           The same is true at F2F. Some students come to study with a member of or with the entire family. There are instances that the parents’ performance level is higher than their children’s, or vise versa. Whatever levels they may be in, the objective is clear: to help their young ones be globally competitive through developing and enhancing English communication skills.           Through the years, a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese families have enrolled in F2F study program, and I have experienced handling a few of them separately (in one-on-one classes). I …

Face to Face Moments

Manila Ocean Park is a sea-themed park that features animal exhibits, thrill rides, a playland for young kids, and a wide range of shows for everyone that Face to Face students experienced. Here in face to face we can make our lives not just educational but truly enjoyable for everyone. Students are free to enjoy their free time wherever they wish to go during weekends. Studying in Face to Face as part of their education is the most effective and accessible means for the students to develop needed skills because it pushes to get out of their comfort zones to experience another culture, language, environment and education system. Face to Face teaches the students to appreciate the difference and diversity firsthand, and enables them to recognize -and then dismiss – stereotypes they may have held with the people they have never met. Studying in Face to Face has made students …


English is such a popular language that it is continuously becoming a trend in many countries around the world especially in Asia. This results in the increasing number of people who fly to the Philippines to be taught English by Filipino teachers who are known for their neutral accent, friendly approach, and effective and efficient teaching strategies.    Face to Face opens its door to anybody who is eager to become a fluent English speaker. With that being said, our school recently welcomed Taiwanese students who came here to study English during their summer vacation. Our Taiwanese students consisted of working dads and moms, business professionals, and elementary to university students.    It was a fun-filled month having them around. They were full of energy and joy. The kids and teens were also inquisitive, and you’ll definitely enjoy having a conversation with them.  The diversity of our students can lead …

On keeping fit

Sit mens sana in corpore sano (for a healthy mind in a healthy body) Teaching here for quite some time, I have encountered numerous students who were looking younger than their actual age and were fit as a fiddle. So envious I’d ask: “How do you keep yourself fit?” They’d tell me, “Well… I go to gym and work out for a couple of hours or more” followed by “so teacher, where’s the nearest gym?” From that moment, I’ve fathomed that most Japanese would like themselves slim, working out regularly , eating less salty, less sugary, fresh and organic foods- health is their top priority. Some of the things that concerned the students while studying abroad are these 1. Is the school near a place where they can go exercising? 2. Does the school have a gym/ area where they can work out? 3. Any fun activities they may do …

FOOD-venture: Lomi

December, it’s the holiday season, the weather is cold and you’re looking for a simple but sumptuous meal… but where exactly to go? What to eat? As throngs of tourists flock Tagaytay, you might feel disheartened to head over to your favorite restaurant with all the traffic jams and packed jeepneys. I’ll let you in on a secret! There’s a hidden gem just about 5-10 minutes on foot from Face to Face Language School, where you can have a famous Filipino comfort food- LOMI! Lomi is actually the Filipino take on Chinese noodles. It is made with fresh thick egg noodles which somewhat resembles Udon, in a thick egg drop soup topped with hard-boiled egg, chicharon (deep fried pork skin) and meat. You may also season it with a sauce made of fresh calamansi and soy sauce; or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can add some chili and …

about F2F (Tagaytay)

Aside from the fact that F2F provides excellent quality when it comes to teaching the English language, as we are able to cater to various levels of our students, personalise lessons for their specific needs, and as well as being flexible to some unexpected changes. The school is also located at one of the most visited places here in the Phillippines, the city of Tagaytay. Tagaytay is known for its mild climate which is ideal for people who couldn’t bear the humidity in other cities, especially during the summer season. Some students took a photo at the entrance of Tagaytay heights. Tagaytay heights is a housing estate where students and teachers stay. Some of the students share the house or a room with the teachers, this is also a good opportunity for us to communicate and practise the students’ communication skills. These F2F classrooms are intended for one on one …

culture to culture

Living in a foreign country is difficult, but living in a different country with different people is far worse. Imagining yourself adjusting to foreign land with the language plus the culture that is very different from where you came from; makes it more difficult. Boarding teachers with our housemates. One of the privileges of F2F is having this system called, “Boarding Teacher”. Being one, we normally spend our day together with students. Sharing some of them in a room; as a result, we can build a strong bond with the students treating them as one of our family. I think it’s an advantage for students’ to have this kind of system. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone. Studying English is one and practicing it every time together with their house teachers’ can help them improve more with their speaking ability. After dinner, we usually stayed in …

Boun Giorno Italian Restaurant

Boun Giorno Buon from the Italian word Buono means good and giorno means day, it is used as well-wishing greeting, above all in the morning or during the morning, it’s better to use it before 12 noon. Buon Giorno is an Italian word means good day, it is also the name of the Italian restaurant located in Cliff house Tagaytay. It was my first time to dine in this restaurant when we had our lunch there. The staff were very accommodating and we were seated immediately as soon as we arrived. There were a few people there and they are already enjoying their food. One of the staff informed us that their oven was under maintenance during that time so their pizzas were not available. We felt a little disappointed, since we were expecting to taste their famous pizza. But we were satisfied with the food that we ordered. Their …

snippets of F2F

Have you ever wonder how ESL teachers start and end their day at work? Most people would say it’s a routine or maybe boring. Don’t worry it’s not! I’ll share some snippets of my normal days. This is during a group class where the students had listening activity, whenever we have listening activity, we listen to english songs and they have to fill in the missing lyrics of the songs. Hamad studied with us for several months. He’s a very optimistic and hilarious student. I handled his writing class during his stay here. Abby has been my student for almost eight months now, she’s learning how to improve her Reading skills with me. This day is special for her so we decided to go out and celebrate it. Classes start at 8:30 in the morning, I had group class and one on one speaking classes. I always enjoy group classes …

Student stories

Student stories