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FOOD-venture: Lomi2018年2月7日

December, it’s the holiday season, the weather is cold and you’re looking for a simple but sumptuous meal… but where exactly to go? What to eat? As throngs of tourists flock Tagaytay, you might feel disheartened to head over to your favorite restaurant with all the traffic jams and packed jeepneys. I’ll let you in on a secret! There’s a hidden gem just about 5-10 minutes on foot from Face to Face Language School, where you can have a famous Filipino comfort food- LOMI!

Lomi is actually the Filipino take on Chinese noodles. It is made with fresh thick egg noodles which somewhat resembles Udon, in a thick egg drop soup topped with hard-boiled egg, chicharon (deep fried pork skin) and meat. You may also season it with a sauce made of fresh calamansi and soy sauce; or if you are feeling more adventurous, you can add some chili and sliced fresh onions for an extra kick! It is a famous local delicacy in the neighboring province of Batangas and people there are proud to have more than one variant of this dish. Batanguenos claim to make the best Lomi in the Philippines.

Miki and Teacher Tanya enjoying their bowls of Lomi fresh off the pot!

Katayama-san opted for a plate of Bihon, stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables and meat.

These noodle dishes are not just delicious but also very affordable. Lomi comes in three different sizes to accomodate your appetite. Tanya and Miki ordered the regular size which is the smallest and priced at 40 pesos. The next size up is medium at 45 pesos and the largest bowl is Jumbo at 50 pesos only! Katayama-san’s plate of Bihon is 55 pesos only.

There are still other noodle dishes to try. The restaurant is very accessible and has become a favorite for teachers and even previous students. The staff are already familiar with Japanese students from Face to Face and are very accommodating. You can even chat with them while waiting for your meal to be served.

Tagaytay is such a culinary haven and you’ll never run out of food-ventures! You just have to ask your teachers or explore on your own!

Watch out for more fun and learning filled adventures with Face to Face!


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