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Student stories
snippets of F2F2017年12月16日

Have you ever wonder how ESL teachers start and end their day at work?

Most people would say it’s a routine or maybe boring. Don’t worry it’s not!

I’ll share some snippets of my normal days.

This is during a group class where the students had listening activity, whenever we have listening activity, we listen to english songs and they have to fill in the missing lyrics of the songs.

Hamad studied with us for several months. He’s a very optimistic and hilarious student. I handled his writing class during his stay here.

Abby has been my student for almost eight months now, she’s learning how to improve her Reading skills with me. This day is special for her so we decided to go out and celebrate it.

Classes start at 8:30 in the morning, I had group class and one on one speaking classes. I always enjoy group classes either with kids or adults. We can be more creative with this kind of class. Enjoying fun activities like ESL games, listening to music and challenging the students to share their point of views to different topics are just a few. At times for my situational/speaking classes, I go out with my students and have our class in a café, it’s more relaxing for both of us. Sometimes we do it in bigger groups.

Even on our busy days we still find time to have some fun. This was unplanned, a day when we had matching oufits.

There always something unique everyday, you just have to find it, so certainly there is no ordinary day for me.

Have I mentioned I have had roommates? I am one of the boarding teachers in F2F so yes I shared a room with several students already, after my classes I have time to chitchat with them. Either inside our room or in the living room of the house where we stay.

At the end of our day we don’t focus on the things that made us busy or tired but rather, we feel grateful that we had the chance to do our job with the goal to help our learners. I’ve been in teaching for several years now and because of that I have already built an exceptionally solid relationships with my students and my fellow teachers, and I will hold onto those connections with all my moral being.

Our family in F2F is getting bigger and we hope to include you soon.

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