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A Park in The Sky by Jz2019年11月26日

A Park in The Sky

by Teacher Jz

What comes to mind when you hear the word park? Grass, playground, picnic, swing, ground are almost always the usual answers. However, there is one park in Tagaytay City that is quite unique in its own way, and is supposed to be “in the sky” as its name suggest. It’s the park called People’s Park in The Sky.

 To get there from Face to Face School, you have to take a jeepney, which is the most common public transpo in the Philippines, to Olivarez Terminal (9 pesos) and transfer to another jeepney going to People’s Park (16 pesos). The whole commute will take you about 30 minutes. The route to the park is a bit winding and ascending. As you get nearer and nearer, the scenery will get better and better. When you arrived at the park, you will have to pay a 20 pesos entrance fee, which is used for maintenance budget. Prepare your camera and get ready to snap as many photos as you can!

In the park, you’ll be greeted with a 360 degree scenic view of Taal Lake, Tagaytay City and its neigboring towns. You’ll be amazed by how green and beautiful the scenery is from up above this park. Several souvenir stores are available in park just in case you are interested in buying some mementos, and you can also purchase some snacks at some food stalls there. If you want go picnic, you are also allowed to do so!

Needless to say, People’s Park in the Sky is one of the best and most unique parks I have ever been to, and you will definitely love it, too!


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