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Student stories
culture to culture2018年1月18日

Living in a foreign country is difficult, but living in a different country with different people is far worse. Imagining yourself adjusting to foreign land with the language plus the culture that is very different from where you came from; makes it more difficult.

Boarding teachers with our housemates.

One of the privileges of F2F is having this system called, “Boarding Teacher”. Being one, we normally spend our day together with students. Sharing some of them in a room; as a result, we can build a strong bond with the students treating them as one of our family. I think it’s an advantage for students’ to have this kind of system. It is just like hitting two birds with one stone. Studying English is one and practicing it every time together with their house teachers’ can help them improve more with their speaking ability.

After dinner, we usually stayed in the living room and chat with students at night; it’s like a leisure time for us and to get to know our housemates better. We sometimes do some things together too, for example: cooking together, organizing parties like our housemates’ birthday celebration, and going to the mall sometimes to eat dinner together or shopping for some food and snacks.

Eating out for lunch @ Buon Giorno Restaurant

Night out @ Paranaque City

Korean Resto for Friday Dinner

While waiting for our new housemate to come.

Dinner @ Home

We also do some activities that are beneficial for our students. Every Tuesday night, we normally have “English Saloon” which can help students practice more with their communication skills by means of chatting with the assigned boarding teachers. Thursday night is for,” EOP Night”. In this activity, teachers prepare certain activities and drills for the students to enjoy and have fun, done with light snacks and drinks to make it more exciting.

Staying together in one house with different people is quite challenging, especially with foreigners.

Just learn how to respect each other’s culture and beliefs to earn their respect and for them to do the same.

Understanding each other help us build a harmonious relationship inside and outside of our home.

Face to Face Boarding Teachers

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