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A Family that Learns English Together2019年10月5日

Learning begins at home. Even after school, parents also learn by helping children with homework. A popular adage says, “A family that prays together stays together.” Well, let me revise it this way: “A family that learns English together achieves wonderful things together.”What if parents and children learn together as students in the same school?


        The same is true at F2F. Some students come to study with a member of or with the entire family. There are instances that the parents’ performance level is higher than their children’s, or vise versa. Whatever levels they may be in, the objective is clear: to help their young ones be globally competitive through developing and enhancing English communication skills.


        Through the years, a lot of Japanese and Taiwanese families have enrolled in F2F study program, and I have experienced handling a few of them separately (in one-on-one classes). I even handled group classes which typically consist of non-relative individuals. However, recently, I had a first-time experience handling a Taiwanese family of three: Fion, the mother, at her late 30s; and children, Rosa, 12, and Jim, 11.


         In class, Fion, who speaks English so fluently, occasionally translates unfamiliar words and expressions to the two siblings. Despite the barrier, the kids’ enthusiasm in class never falters. They are equally active as their mother is in all activities. Fion keeps on motivating them assuringly as if she was their playmate. Consequently, there is consistent level of energy in class from start to finish, and I could see the glow in Fion’s eyes.


         Out of classes, Fion maintains English communication with the two kids whether in person or on phone. I understand it is her way to motivate them. What is impressive is that the two siblings willingly give in. Definitely, no pressure on their part. I’m not saying that a parent should be on a level higher than where his or her children are; rather, that he or she should inspire them to do more. In one month, Rosa and Jim’s performance improved dramatically. Primarily, it is because of the teachers’ dedication to train them, but it is made even more possible through the sincere inspiration of their mother.


         Fion and her family is just one of those who have experienced the joy of learning and achieving proficiency together. There is a tie that bonds them even closer throughout the immersion and the expectation of being globally confident through their newfound skills.

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