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WRITE! EXPRESS! SCRIBBLE! by Cheche2019年12月4日


Language Skill #4: WRITING

Writing is a communicative skill to send, store and retrieve messages with the help of written symbols. It the process of using symbols like letters of the alphabet, punctuation and spaces to communicate thoughts and ideas in a clear form.


Here are the five benefits of writing for every student:

  1. Boosts confidence
  2. Stimulates imagination
  3. Develops language skills
  4. Enable thinking out-of-the-box
  5. Acts as a model of self-expression


Writing skills are an important part of communication. It allows you to connect your message with clearness and ease to a far larger audience than though face-to-face or telephone conversation.


Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling are keys in written messages. The reader will make an opinion of you, the writer, based on both the content and presentation, and errors are likely to lead them form a bad impression.

DID YOU KNOW THAT? Writing is the most difficult skill that learners of any foreign language may face. I know most learners show no interest in writing. Thus, you don’t need to worry about it. The good news is that writing is a skill which you can enjoy learning at F2F.

What are you waiting for? Come and write with us at F2F! ☺

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