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On keeping fit2018年2月15日

Sit mens sana in corpore sano (for a healthy mind in a healthy body)

Teaching here for quite some time, I have encountered numerous students who were looking younger than their actual age and were fit as a fiddle. So envious I’d ask: “How do you keep yourself fit?” They’d tell me, “Well… I go to gym and work out for a couple of hours or more” followed by “so teacher, where’s the nearest gym?”

From that moment, I’ve fathomed that most Japanese would like themselves slim, working out regularly , eating less salty, less sugary, fresh and organic foods- health is their top priority. Some of the things that concerned the students while studying abroad are these 1. Is the school near a place where they can go exercising? 2. Does the school have a gym/ area where they can work out? 3. Any fun activities they may do to keep moving? Here are the answers:

The Tagaytay Oval where you can go jogging. No entrance fee.

One of the gym near our school. (FITX GYM in Robinsons Tagaytay)

Teacher Amy with our student Eriko attending Zumba classes

Studying abroad wouldn’t be a hindrance on keeping fit. After hours of sitting, I can see no problem why you shouldn’t hit the gym and shed those extra pounds.  Luckily, our school, F2F Language and Culture School is in a very strategic place where almost everything is accessible.

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