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The Perks of Being an English Teacher By Teacher Jz2019年12月9日

When I was a kid, just like all my other friends, I dreamt of becoming a doctor so that I could give assistance to people who are sick free of charge, or maybe for a very cheap price. Then when I was in high school, I thought why not be a news anchor or a journalist since I was keen on speaking. Being a dancer and a singer also crossed my young mind because I thought “Why not?” As you can see, I had lots and lots of dreams, but eventually I became an English teacher, and I am beyond glad to have landed this unexpected yet one of a kind job.

Why do I love my job so much? I could give you several reasons.

First and foremost, I get to grow in my job every single day. Teaching requires not only passion but also hard work. In my own perspective, a good teacher always pushes himself and exerts his 100% or more in the class. To make this possible, teachers just like me have to keep learning as well. And by learning, I don’t only mean academically but also learning how to deal with students who have different personalities and learning style.

Second, my job allows me to meet people from different walks of life. In almost a decade of teaching English, I have learned so much from the students and teachers I’ve met at the workplace. They have touched my heart in so many ways, and we’ve bonded and shared lots of happy memories. Although these moments are temporary and saying goodbye is bittersweet, we are still grateful that our paths have crossed. I’m always looking forward to these encounters!

Finally, I get to be a part of my students’ journey and success. Whenever I tell my students they can surely achieve their goals if they work hard for it, and when I see them turn their dreams into a reality, I feel like I’ve done something right, and I got to be a part of someone’s story. I live for that.

For these three reasons, I have become a teacher, and I will keep teaching in many years to come!


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