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Boun Giorno Italian Restaurant2018年1月1日

Boun Giorno
Buon from the Italian word Buono means good and giorno means day, it is used as well-wishing greeting, above all in the morning or during the morning, it’s better to use it before 12 noon. Buon Giorno is an Italian word means good day, it is also the name of the Italian restaurant located in Cliff house Tagaytay.
It was my first time to dine in this restaurant when we had our lunch there. The staff were very accommodating and we were seated immediately as soon as we arrived. There were a few people there and they are already enjoying their food. One of the staff informed us that their oven was under maintenance during that time so their pizzas were not available. We felt a little disappointed, since we were expecting to taste their famous pizza. But we were satisfied with the food that we ordered. Their staff was very accommodating and suggested that we should try their best seller from their starter, main course and pasta. We ordered their caesar salad, shrimp bisque soup and pumpkin soup, steak, vongole pasta, lasagna, salmon risotto, and ripe and green mango shake. Their food has an authentic Italian taste, it is good to dine here once in a while if you wanted to refresh your pallet from the usual Filipino taste you have every day.

This is their Caesar salad, not the original presentation (we already attacked it before we took a picture). The taste is really fresh; the vegetables are crunchy and every taste, the texture varies because of the combination of nuts, croutons, and greens. The salad was not drowned in dressing which is good, especially if you do not want too much dressing on your salad. They provide a separate serving of dressing for those who wanted to add more.

This is the shrimp bisque soup with croutons and cream on top. This soup is so smooth and creamy, rich and elegant, you can really taste the shrimp, there are also some shrimp bits in it. (I’m craving for this soup while writing about it.)

We ordered our steak medium rare, it is serve with steamed vegetables, mashed potato, and gravy, top with butter with herbs. The steak is well seasoned and it is very tender it melts in your mouth.

Vongole pasta; the pasta is al dente, flavorful but a little salty. The seafood on top are really fresh.

Their lasagna is so meaty and cheesy, and I think it was layered with zucchini not with pasta. It is so delicious.

Salmon Risotto, yummy, creamy, al dente and well-seasoned.

Their ripe mango shake is so refreshing and so tall, I thought I’ll get drowned in it.

The view at the back of the restaurant. I’ll never get tired of looking at this. The view is so beautiful, there is no need to filter.
Our experience in Boun Giorno was really memorable and enjoyable. We talked, shared jokes, laughed a lot and of course savored the food. We will be back to try their famous pizza.
I love to eat and try new food. Enjoying good food is a real pleasure, but sharing it with friends completes the whole experience.

address : ZIP 4120 2nd Floor Wilbincom BLDG JP RIzal Ave Kaybagal South Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines
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