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The Best 7 restaurants in Tagaytay2017年8月12日

In this article I’m going to introduce about the Best 7 restaurants in Tagaytay.

As we all know Philippines is not that famous around the world but there a lot of beautiful and amazing scenery here. This country is rich in natural resources and you can find many beautiful islands, beaches and tourist spots in here.
Tagaytay City is not well known in the world especially in Japan though this City has been famous and introduced in one of the popular Japanese TV program. Many people are going here now because of its good weather, beautiful scenery and nice people. That’s why Tagaytay is chosen as one of the good place to study.

There are so many good qualities in this place. Aside from its charm, good security, good climate and beautiful nature you can also find here some of the best restaurant in the Philippines. In this blog I’m going to talk about “The Trendy Restaurant”.

There are more than 100 restaurants here. Among them, I will introduce seven restaurants in the Tagaytay that I love the most.

1.The Highlander Steak House

The Highlander Steak House is dedicated to highlight the beauty of nature, delicious food and the ambiance is authentic.Exterior, interior and the taste of dishes has a great quality and it’s beyond our expectation.
If you want to eat superlative steaks in the Philippines, I think this restaurant is a perfect choice cause if you’ll not try this, I’m telling you you’ll regret it.

2.Buon Giorno

The second place is Buon Giorno, a small Italian restaurant. I have always been a fan of this restaurant. Even among the many Italian restaurants in Tagaytay, Buon Giorno is reputed to be one of the restaurants that has the most delicious Italian cuisine in Tagaytay.
If there are people who like pizza, pasta etc please try it by all means! I recommend everyone.


The third place is Aozora. There have been few Japanese restaurants in the Philippines yet but here in Aozora they can serve authentic Japanese food.
Compared with Japanese restaurants such as in Manila, the restaurant is smaller and the number of items is slightly lower but still its very nice here that we can eat sushi, tempura, Japanese beef dice steak etc in Tagaytay. You can also enjoy the beautiful Taal Lake from the terrace of the shop and you can just sit and enjoy relaxing time after meals.

4.Nurture Wellness Village

The fourth place is Nurture Wellness Village. It has a restaurant with a natural garden. The SPA is also famous in the Philippines.
The garden is very spacious and you can take a walk in the garden after a meal and you can have a very relaxing time. There are many customers who bring their children. Also, Lugaw here is exquisite and become special if you eat it with condiments.

5.Qi wellness Living

The fifth place is the Qi wellness Living, a hideaway establishment. When passing the Chinese door, you can see it is sophisticated and fashionable.
This restaurant has a heated pool on the first floor and there is also set of services that you can choose from like massage for relaxing and after pool then be ready for meal. I think that it is worth a look because it is a restaurant with a design that I don’t usually see much.

6.Bag of beans

The sixth place in ranking is bag of beans. Since, this restaurant is famous not only in Tagaytay but also in other neighboring cities here. The tourist begin to go here every time they visit Tagaytay. That’s why the management decided to build more bag of beans here. Now you can find 5 branches of bag of beans here in Tagaytay.

7.Sonya’s Garden

Sonya’s Garden which is very famous in the internet and guide book and ranked as the 7th. It is a restaurant that grows beautiful flowers and organic vegetables in a large garden created by the owner who grew up in Europe. Walking while watching flowers etc in daytime is good and there is also lighting if you want to stroll in the garden during night time.It is a buffet style restaurant.

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