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Teacher Jz2017年10月3日

◎Teacher’s blog (Teacher Jz)

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Philippines”? Most people will probably say “hot weather”, “bananas and mangoes”, or “white sand beaches”. Well, all those answers are correct, but the Philippines has so much more to offer, and one of those many things is English proficiency.



On the summit of a mountain
I am Teacher JZ, and I work for Face to Face English School, which is one the leading language centers in the Philippines. I started teaching English as a part-time job when I was a university student and found myself in love with this profession.

As a result, I pursued this career even after finishing my school. In seven years of my teaching career experience, I have handled various levels of English learners from elementary, high school, university to business professionals. Moreover, I have taught almost all areas of English in different teaching styles and strategies.

In particular, I am most fond of teaching grammar. At the beginning of the students’ course, I encouraged them to set goals which are achievable in the amount of study period they have. Inside the classroom, I make sure that my students get a lot of opportunity to practice their speaking skills. For instance, in my grammar class, I apply the lessons that we learn in examples that are very useful in different situations. I try my best to make the student not only speak English, but also speak with accurate grammar and more importantly, with confidence.


Hanging out with my students after school
Outside work, I enjoy a lot of outdoor activities with my friends, my coworkers, and my students. I’m into sightseeing, mountain climbing, and going to white-sand beaches. The more I spend a great deal of time visiting places I’ve never been to, the more it opens my mind and gives me a wider perspective in life. Aside from going from places to places, I also love eating! Most of the time, my students and I visit local restaurants after school to try out something new and delicious that can make our tummies happy!



Mountain climbing with F2F teachers and students

In my alone time, I do a lot of things to kill time. For one thing, I enjoy taking pictures of people and nature. What’s more, I love listening and playing music as it relieves my stress. I’m also a big fan of American movies and TV series, which is also a great way to further enhance my English knowledge.



Sunrise Phone Photography

It will be my pleasure to meet you in my class, so if you want to improve your English skills and gain life-changing experiences, you might as well choose Face to Face English School.

Thank you and have an awesome day! 🙂

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