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Have you ever thought of learning a new language, let’s say…English?
Sounds scary and crazy for some, right?

The mere idea of starting to immerse yourself in a new language in itself is also time consuming, nerve wracking and not to mention this might also empty your pocket.
But why do you think many people would like to get in the trouble of doing so? I guess because many people think ENGLISH is important. The benefits you can get from discovering the language are endless. It may be difficult but it is also fun and substantial in many aspects. You might find yourself asking why I need to study English. Is it necessary in my life? Will it be beneficial for my future? Will I be a better person?

Well, my answer is a big YES. Let me start by telling you just SOME of the wonderful advantages you can get by learning the English language. Join me as I let you in to the interesting world of English.

English is said to be spoken and understood by about 1.5 billion people ( with about 400 million native speakers), which means more than 25% of the world speak the language thus there is always a chance for you to practice especially when you travel.

With its long and fascinating history, English is considered as a hybrid language composed of Latin, Germanic, and Roman elements. Which is why English is widely described as an international language, excellent communication tool and is increasingly seen desirable part of curriculum in some Asian countries like Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan just to name a few.

Therefore if you have the basics of English Language you can make yourself understood in nearly every corner of the world. English is also perceived as a dominant language in Business, as some cross-border businesses are often done in this language. So, if you are thinking that learning English is just a waste of time. Please think again.

As a teacher, I believe that learning English is essential in getting ahead in this globally competitive world. You might think it’s difficult. YES, it is IF you think about it that way.

There are however a number of ways to help you battle out your fear of English and become a more proficient user of the language. Let me introduce some tips in doing so. You can start by watching movies and listening to English music in your free time.
Watching English movies and listening to music can be a good start to familiarizing and picking up new words.
You can also listen and read news as this can help you improve your vocabulary, reading, and listening skills.

You can also find good study materials like books, CDs /DVDs which are readily available online or at your favorite bookstores.
Making a new set of English speaking friends can also mean a lot in acquiring a new language may it be a study buddy, social media friend, or a foreign exchange student in your university.
Travelling is of course another option to help you gain the confidence and experience you need.

Most people, however, opt to learn the language in a more formal setting like hiring a private English tutor and taking distance and internet learning classes.

I also suggest you try Studying Abroad, YES, visiting other countries to learn the language is also quite rewarding. Sounds risky for some but there is no harm in trying. Think about the chance to immerse yourself in situations in which you’ll need to speak English with locals or at least with people who listen and understand it, plus you can explore famous sights, savor scrumptious food and discover their culture.

Now, wondering which country and school to visit. Worry no more; FACE TO FACE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE SCHOOL is here to help you.

The school adheres to its promise in providing good quality language acquisition opportunities with competent, highly motivated and passionate teachers who dedicate their time in offering fun and interactive classes.
Situated in the heart of Tagaytay, the school is relatively close to the capital city Manila which also gives you easy access to some of the amazing historical places, beaches, restaurants, amusement parks and many more.
Not only will you enjoy having English lessons, you can also experience a time of your life!

By the way, I’m Teacher Juls and I’ve been teaching English as a Foreign Language for about 10 years now. I took up Bachelor of Arts Major in Journalism. Can you guess what I teach in Face to Face?

Yes you are right! I am one of Face to Face’s writing teachers. As a writing teacher, I make sure that students get the best by providing them with a writing program specially designed in a specific way to meet their needs and expectations.
I personally believe that 3 P’s are important….PREPARATION, PATIENCE and PASSION. My goal is to make every class enjoyable because Learning English Is Fun!!!

Of course writing is not an easy task, something that you can achieve immediately but with hard, efficient work and gradual improvement PLUS the help of F2F teachers I am sure YOU will definitely get there.
Through writing, students studying English as a foreign language develop competence in the specific genres that can assist them in their academic study, workplace, and their lives in general.
And here in F2F English School we take pride in saying that we give quality classes for our students.
Again I’m Teacher Juls and I hope to see you here in Face to Face soon!

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