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Teacher Amy2018年1月11日

Hello I’m teacher Amy. I’ve completed my studies at Lyceum of the Philippines, Manila – Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service major in Political Science. I had worked at Philippine Airlines, Flight Operations Department located at NAIA Road, Gate 1 Metro, Manila. Thereafter, I worked at Hyatt Regency Hotel as a Receptionist then to Sheraton Hotel, Harrison Plaza Manila.
I had lived in the United States of America for about eighteen years. During my early years in Los Angeles, I have held several jobs from AMC Theater in Beverly Hills; as a Guest Relations/Customer Care Representative, and to numerous office works at Downtown Los Angeles, to Baldwin Park, and North Hollywood; as a Receptionist, Office Clerk/Admin, Accounts Receivables, Payables, Collections, and Bookkeeper – primarily focusing on accounting related jobs. Consequently, I had worked for almost 13 years as a Financial Accounting Specialist in Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Our office is located at 626 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. – a walking distance to La Staple Center where La Clippers, Lakers, La Kings play, and several concerts are held there.
Wilshire Blvd runs from Grand Avenue in downtown LA to Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, through major business districts and Beverly Hills. One of my hobbies during weekends includes bike riding starting from Eldorado Park, all the way to Seal Beach, Malibu beach, Redondo Beach, it’s approximately more than an hour bike ride, it depends how many stops you will make. The ride goes along with LA River to an amazing beach view.
One of the perks and things to do while in LA is a Segway tour ride in upscale Beverly Hills in the opulence of Rodeo Drive and movie industry sites. I have seen so many celebrities living in LA to name a few; celebrities like – Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Magic Johnson, Scarlett Johansson, Brooke Shields, Britney Spears, Goldie Hawn, LAKERS team etc.

Furthermore, I was also a Certified Nursing Assistant. I had my first experienced taking care of patients with their daily needs at Autumn Hills located in Glendale, California for quite some time.
My aspiration to have my own business had driven me to achieve an Administrator License, and a Corporation License for my RCFE (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly); for this reason, I set up my own residential care as American Care Villa Inc., at Desert Hot Springs, CA. It was located to a nearby Casinos and Hot springs popular to tourist spots- a close proximity to Palm Springs, California
In 2010, I’ve decided to come back to my hometown. I immediately applied to an opening job as an ESL Teacher at Hana Overseas Language Institute. I started as an ordinary teacher then later on being promoted to become one of the Supervisor and in charge of hiring and training of new teachers. This new venture made me discovered that learning new skills can further enhance my personality. I had worked at different Korean Language Schools such as; Dream Language Institute, Global Leader Academy wherein I was a Trainer for new teachers
Soon after, I’ve left the country again last 2013, I had partnered working with a very close friend of mine, in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and have worked there for almost a year before going back again to Philippines for the second time.

After my returned from Australia last March 2015, I was called by a former friend of my mine to later join a new Japanese Language school. I immediately applied for the job and was accepted to be one of the teachers here at Face to Face Language School on May 5th 2015. I’m proud to be part of this highly reputable company.

My hobbies are quite a lot but to name a few – I enjoy spending time with my family, reading books, bowling time with my friends, swimming , Zumba dance, bike ride to the beach, photography, and most importantly I love to discover new adventures, going to historical, and fascinating places.

What are the advantages to study English in Face to Face compared to other school?

Philippines is one of the best countries ranked as “the most affordable and hospitable places to study”. Face to Face Language and Culture school significantly put an importance specifically designed to meet student needs. It is customized learning with the emphasis base on ideals and goal focus of each and every student. Face to Face is the only Japanese school here in Tagaytay City and it caters to all students young and old. It is far better than any other standardized learning language school in Tagaytay. As can be seen with our former students, Face to Face is very fun to study English.

My teaching Style:
I have different approach to every student. Like I said, no student is alike. My students usually complimented me as a “motivational teacher”. I required my student to think deeply and not to be satisfied with simple responses. I challenged them every class to get out of their comfort zone and to think outside the box. I can say I am a bit Idealist and Realist. Let me explain what it means:
Idealism and realist – it is philosophical approach that has as its central tenet (rules) that ideas are the only true reality. In other words, I organize and present contents systematically within a disciplined demonstrating idea in making decision. Focus on methods on mastery of facts and basic skills through demonstration and recitation. (Pronunciation) I also used teaching methods that focus on handling ideas through lectures, discussions and questioning to help students discover and clarify knowledge. Skills are developed through imitating examples. (Topic and Explanation)

So start learning a new skill and enroll now at Face to Face Language and Culture School.  “English is fun.” Start your new adventures of speaking a new language. English will be the best decision you will ever make.

It took me to places I’ve never ever imagined before. It totally change who I am now. English is part of me and it will always be an important aspect of my life. I don’t think I can live without speaking English. I fully embraced the beauty of this language. It is vital and a necessity for me. Life is boring if you stick with monotonous routine. The world is so big out there and waiting for you to explore. So go out and speak English. You will never know where it will take you.

Have fun and enjoy it! 





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