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Teacher Sharon2017年12月9日

Oslob Cebu, whale shark encounter

What is a family? According to some dictionary, Family is a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household. Another definition is “a basic social unit in a society related by blood or marriage”, and so on and so forth. But for me I think, Family is not only how the dictionary defines it, because I found a family here in F2F.

This was taken in Tagaytay Highlands when F2F had a Sports activity.

This photo was taken by Teacher Jz when we climbed Mt. Maculot in Batangas. Most of My photos are taken by Teacher Jz.

Hi, I’m Teacher Sharon and I’m a teacher, a mother, and a big sister in F2F. I’ve been a member of F2F family for three years now and I never thought I would have a family this big and fun. I consider F2F a family and I’m a proud member. F2f is not just an ordinary English school that students attend to learn English. Of course we teach English in F2F and I am proud to say that we have the best English teachers here. But what I really want to say is that we don’t just teach English but we treat our students as our family. I believe that learning is more meaningful to students when they feel that they are important, being cared for and loved by the people around them.

These are my children, from left to right: Bryan (middle child ), Princess(youngest), and Vince (eldest).

I’m a mom of three children, but when I’m in F2F, I have more than three children. I make sure that my students will learn and have fun while learning.

These photos were taken during our group class in F2F, we were playing Pictionary while learning vocabulary. We had a lot of laugh that day. That was I think my first class, I was happy the whole day after that class. My students enjoyed our clas, they didn’t realize they are learning new vocabulary. We also played charades while learning about action words/verb. I wish I could post their videos here.

Please excuse my face. These are my teenager students; the photo on the left was taken in Tagaytay Highlands during F2F sports activity, the one on the right was in our classroom. They are almost the same age with my eldest son, so I feel really close to them.

I am also a big sister to some of my students. I try my best to guide them in their learning and I do everything that I can to help them achieve their goals in learning English. My colleagues are also my family, I’m their big sister (since I’m older than most of them). We help each other achieve the mission, goals and vision of F2F. Our mission, to provide high quality English as a second language (ESL) instruction and orientation in Filipino culture to international students, professionals, and other non-native speakers by means of an intensive English program. One of our goals is to Improve the English language and study skills of international students in preparation for study at any international college or university, or for personal or professional purposes and our vision is to become one of the leading language school in the Philippines by setting standards of excellence in innovative teaching, professional development, and cross-cultural understanding. To produce students who are prepared for, and be accepted into, international universities, good companies with their excellent English skills. We also give each other advice on how to improve our teachings skills. And of course we give each other advice about life.

This was taken when one of our students came back to show us her baby, she was pregnant when she came to Face to Face to study.




Since I’m a member of F2F family, my children are also considered members of this family. Their favorite activity in F2F is the Halloween party. My children love to wear costumes and they also love to see costumes teachers wear in the party (teachers give their best in making their costumes for this school activity). My children always look forward to every Halloween party in F2F.

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing, and I’m lucky to be a part of F2F family. Our F2F family might not be perfect, but rest assured love and care is always felt here. Family isn’t defined only by last names or by blood. It also means being there for each other to love, to care, and also to teach English.

See you in Face to Face and welcome to our Family.


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