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EOP night and English Saloon2018年1月9日

You are probably familiar with the EOP rule, especially if you are an English learner.

This means English Only Policy, we emphasize “only” because nobody is allowed to speak in their vernacular at the school’s premises. Here in F2F we have EOP night wherein students and teachers enjoy activities/games together, my favorite part of this activity is the snacks! kidding! I also enjoy the games. We have EOP night every Thursday, everybody is invited however most of time boarding teachers are the ones assign to facilitate the activities. The main purpose of the activity is for the students for practise their speaking skills.

Teachers JZ, Mafe, Anna and John with the students, EOP night was held in Beige house.

Aside from EOP night we also have English Saloon, this is another activity here in F2F which aims to help students improve their spontaneity in speaking the English Language.

The boarding teachers are assigned to handle English saloon every Tuesday night.

The difference of this activity is that, English saloon is more on casual talk,though sometimes teachers prepare some activities as well.

These kind of group activities are more enjoyable when there are more participants!

We hope you can join too! Have an! awesome day



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