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Career related jobs2018年1月1日

Are you bored with your previous job and looking for a new one? Trying to apply in some foreign companies but afraid that your English skills is not enough to pass the job interview? Well, this is your chance. We have the perfect solution for you.

Face to Face Language and Culture School is not just an English School, it is also a training ground for students who want to work  not only in the Philippines but also in different companies in Asia.

We train our students on how to handle different Job interview questions and useful tips to ace an interview. Trying to practice using situation and problem solving guide based on the industry they are interested in. Using these knowledge and drills help our previous students to find an employment in several companies in the Philippines. We make sure to reach the standards of each company as we try to provide workers for them.

After he graduated, he worked in a Japanese Construction Leasing Company as a Secretary.

Face to Face Language and Culture School is also tied up with Gensai Career Consulting Corp. to better assist our students in every step of the way. This agency equips them with knowledge and orienting them about everything they need to know related to their field. Helping them to broaden their knowledge while studying in school, and maximizing their potential in the fields as they work for several companies.

They usually start as a student here in Face to Face and just for several months, they will start working in different companies affiliated with Gensai. This is a special course the school is offering called: “Job-Hunting Course”.

These are the people responsible for Gensai Career Consulting Corp.

“Wakati” get together .Graduates from Face to Face now working in the Philippines.

Meeting up quarterly also help them to form a bond with each other. It is usually situated at a restaurant in the business capital of the Philippines. They try to cope up with each other, unwind, and drink together. This gives them more opportunities to get along together and making new friends.

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