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The Importance of Learning English2018年2月9日

As the famous writer Stephen King once said, “What people say often conveys their character to others in ways of which they—the speakers—are completely unaware.”

I want to share a motivational story and give account to one of our students at Face to Face Language School.  Let me start by asking “How do you conceptualize your life in the next 5, 10, 20 years?” Most common answers will be: I intend to be employed with a good company, for some it will be, to try new adventures or more likely, to pursue advance studies, have my master’s degree, and so on. But the sad part, for some students when I interviewed them was “I don’t know?” I don’t like studying and I simply want to have a good time, less stress and enjoy life.

During the very first day we usually conduct a “get to know” each other moments with our students. The scariest thing for a response is “I don’t know.”  This means a student has no vision of their goals and ambitions in life.  This plays a crucial part being a teacher; to nurture and further develop a better way of thinking positively, and to set our students mind, “How important learning is?”

We are the key to spark our student interest that they can do anything once they put their heart and mind into. As a primary educator, we are here to help them envision and create an extensive interest for their education.   As a teacher, we play a significant role to persuade, inspire, and predetermine their success.

At the end of the day, when we were advised of good news from a student pursuing their education, it serves our purpose.  Nothing is more satisfying to witness our student making their dreams come true.  It puts us in high spirits, to know that they are determined to achieve their best version of themselves.  Reaching the best potentials they can be.

Grand Canyon National Park – National Park, Arizona USA

To emphasize my main idea, I am writing about Mr. Masahiro Takaoka; he is the only child of Ms.Yuko and Mr. Susumu from Kumamoto Japan. He studied at National Taipei University – Institute of Business Administration, he graduated  at Tokyo Gakugei University; achieved his Master’s Degree at Taiwan University and in my research, it is the number one universities in Taiwan for BS Degree, Masters and PhD.  He currently lives in Shinano-machi Kamininochi-gun, Nagano, Japan

Pictures don’t give much justice than actually being there.  It is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.  Masahiro drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas then to San Francisco and so on. His former company earned him a free airline ticket to Michigan for a year. We had a great time talking about the same places we both experienced in the United States.

He had watched several sports events including Ice Hockey at Michigan

He plans on writing a blog about Tagaytay in addition to blogging his experiences here in the Philippines, particularly in regards to his studies here at Face to Face Language School.  He is an avid blogger and even a song writer too. What can I say; he is a “Jack of all trades.”

To sum up his education and experience, he basically works as Statistician, developing, analyzing statistics, set up algorithms etc. He now enjoys working as a freelance with focus on Information Technology. His hometown is Kumamoto, Japan.

I am inspired to have known such determination and to have the right mindset for greater things in life. His journey is quite remarkable; as he envision another goal to study in London in the future, within the next three years.  I commend your enthusiasm and accredit your hard work.  I wish you good luck with your future endeavors.  It is important to realize; if someone can put so much effort and time developing himself, this is something what majority of students should look up to.

I hope to inspire you, “students out there” to learn and improve your English skills. So what are you waiting for? I am not telling you it is going to be easy but it is going to be worth it. “Your one step for a brighter future.”

If you want to reach something, you must leave something behind.”

Teacher Amy


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