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Travel English2018年2月12日

Face to Face Language and Culture School offers a variety of courses from: Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Situations, Vocabulary, Q &A, Listening, Debates, Pronunciation, TOEIC, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Business English, Medical English, Native Classes, and Travel English.

Let’s talk about Travel English as everyone loves to travel to different countries for family vacations, spas, special events, working holiday visas, tourist visa and for work. Professionals in tourism industry need to speak English accurately and clearly.  So whether you are a student, professionals, or looking for work, this course will definitely help you get comfortable with yourself, and to be able to communicate to foreigners easily. Our teachers will help you get better knowledge about tours, airlines and hotel, restaurant situations and to better comprehend and use English.

You will have a better grasp what to expect in a foreign land.  Avoid awkward situations when you need help for directions etc.  This will cover a lot of topics mentioned above. We have several students and even repeater students who I speak highly benefits by studying here at Face to Face.

Our student Mariko Sato, studied on Sept 2015, she’s a nurse and for the second time she is here again to study – Dec 2017. She is planning to travel again  next year 2018.  Here’s the list of places she had been to.

Her first travel experience to the last experience.

Honolulu, HAWAII     for a family reunion stayed for 7- 8 days for family reunion.

Hong Kong   2 t0 3 days with her family

Cambodia     –   Angkor Wat with her sister

Vietnam        – Ho Chi Minch City   2 days with her sister

Macao          – Hotel and Casino Main City 2 days with her friends, Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral – a must see tourist attraction

Taipei  3 days with her family, Chiefen – Watch Japanese movie, night market, delicious food and delicious mango sherbet

Finland      –  Helsinki    7 to 8 days with friends – Marimekko Factory – good shopping for bags and clothes,Santa Claus Village, Moomin Anime Character

Sweden      –    Skogskyrkogarden  – with friends. They have delicious meat balls

United Kingdom –   7 days – travelled solo, London Eye, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, British Museum and Stonehenge. She also went to a countryside name Cotswolds

Philippines  – to study Face to Face Language School, Tagaytay, Matabungkay Beach, Pico de Loro Mountain Hike,and Manila

Thailand Bangkok   – with a former student of Face to Face, Eri Isogai  stayed for 2-3 days

Chian Mai India with Eri  for 10 days

INDIA –     Taj Mahal, Ganges river, they rode camels, ate yogurt,and bought cosmetics. People are friendly but travel with a tour guide for your safety.

Myammar  –  with a friend 6 days, Young Gou, Bagang Old Church

Indonesia   –  with friends 2-3days BALI, Jakarta. Her friend lives in Jakarta Malaysia 2 days with Eri (connecting flights)Short sight seeing

Chile  –    with Eri  3 weeks

Easter Island – for 2 weeks, this is so beautiful including handsome and pretty people in Chile.

Santiago – great for seafood, they have fabulous market and restaurant. Mexican food.

Argentina with Eri  2 weeks

PATAGONIA Glaciers, Iguaza Falls, Perito Moreno,Fitz Roy, El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Zoo Lujan.Paraguay, Colonia with Eri  4days

Uruguay –  with friends Lamano de Punta

Brazil  –  1 week w Eri

Rio de Janeiro –    Sau Paulo, Ingus Fall, Encarnaci

TRINIDAD – got their visa for Brazil

Peru  –   alone 2-3 weeks

Machu Pichu –  Wallace, took the bus everyday, take of your belongings it’s not that safe according to her.

Bolivia     –    1 week and half



USA, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas,Grand Canyon, Yellow knife National Park, San Francisco, Niagara Falls, Atlanta, Florida and Seattle.

Canada – Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Banff, Calgary





These lists will continue next year, as she is looking forward for her next adventure to explore more countries.  I have only limited pictures to share since this will take tons of pages to keep up with her.


Do you also want to travel to different places like Mariko? So what are you waiting for? Come to the Philippines and study here at Face to Face Language and Culture School.

Learn English and explore the world.

Teacher Amy

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