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youngters @ Face to Face2018年2月5日

Is it better for children to start learning a second language at early age?

My answer would be… definitely yes!

A second language is a language that a person can speak which is not the native language that they learned naturally as a child. One thing I’ve noticed among our English learners is that, younger students can easily remember what they have learned and put it on practice especially when it comes to their communication skills. Though as we all know, everyone has different learning curves, some can learn very quickly and some people need more time.

Anyway, for this post you will see more of our young English learners.

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

These are our Taiwanese students enjoying some treats from their teachers for a job well done.

Our Taiwanese students normally stay with us for a few weeks or some of them study in F2F for a month, they come here to study and enjoy during their school vacation.

Some of them came here with their family members like their siblings, cousins or with their parents.

Kids also learned Filipino customs, like birthday parties the filipino way.

It is vital for young learners to also enjoy while they are learning.

Teenage students enjoying Samgyupsal a Korean meat dish.

We almost occupied the whole Starbucks Cafe’ lol! Japanese, Taiwanese and Filipino teachers enjoyed each others’ company.


Learning a new language is not as easy as it seems, but remember that there is always someone more than willing to lend a hand,

like us here in Face to Face.

See you the soonest!








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