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Competent or Not Yet Competent2018年4月10日

TM 1 or Trainers Methodology 1 is one f the requirements not only in Face to face, but also in different schools around the Philippines. It is a pre- requisite for the (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) to be given a certificate which states that this institution is recognize by TESDA. In regards to this, we will be able to comply with the requirements and enable the teachers to be considered skilled enough for the said competency based on the quality standards. Sounds difficult? Actually it is. It needs a lot of hard work, patience, and understanding the system in TESDA way.

At first, we needed to submit a portfolio containing all the documents needed for the assessment. Making it needs lots of critical thinking and analysis to be able to start with the certain topic that will best fit the qualification that we are trying to apply for. After a series of checking and editing, next in the line is a PowerPoint presentation that will be used for the demonstration. It’s a series of demonstrations that deals with different areas to test the level of competency.

Teachers brainstorming for each topic to be discussed

The accredited instructor giving specific instructions for the modules that needs to be done individually.

Because it is for the benefit of the Teachers and the School, foods are provided thanks to the administrator.

This is one of the three demonstrations that we needed to pass before the actual assessment. It will serve as a practice so everyone will be familiarize with the process and all the documents needed to submit and present as evidence of the said competency.

Finally, the date will be set for the assessment. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for everyone to achieve our goal to pass this challenge. It will be one of our greatest achievements. We aimed that all F2F teachers are all TM1 holders which means that everyone are skillful enough to teach in this school.


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