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Teacher Keren – Learning while making memories2018年7月2日

Meet Keren

Hi! I am Teacher Keren!

I started teaching English in 2014, I thought I’m not going to last long in this kind of job because it’s hard. But then I realized that there’s really no such thing as an easy job. So I just did everything I could to be an effective teacher. And that’s when I started loving this job. Because I believe that when you love what you’re doing, you won’t feel like it’s work at all. You’ll just enjoy spending each day with the students both learning.

English has been described as “the language of opportunity.”

It’s the opportunity to meet different kinds of people.

Her source of happiness

Seeing my students smile and improve makes my heart happy.

I know studying English is a process. You must put your heart to it. It’s always good to see the brighter side of everything not just in life but also in studying English. Making progress feels great just like the old saying “practice makes perfect.”

Her forte

My favorite subject to teach in writing. At first, students only write a very short paragraph because it’s really hard. So I share them how I feel about writing and how I write. Students are afraid of making mistakes in writing that’s why they only write short paragraphs. But I told them everyone makes mistake, and that’s how we learn.

Writing is just like talking to someone heart to heart.

Just write what you feel.

And you’ll make it.

It really feels great to see my students start to love writing too.

Perks of studying English

While studying English, you’ll also have time, and you’ll enjoy the chance of seeing the beauty of the Philippines. There are a lot of places to visit here. Just like this one. This is at Fantasy World in Batangas.

Due to financial complications, the project wasn’t able to reach its full potential. It remains majestically unfinished, which is why it constantly attracts visitors. Batangas is also famous for its beautiful beaches to go to and relax.

I also like taking pictures of wonderful views. You’re going to experience while learning. I like going to the beach even though I never learned how to swim. I just love looking at the blue sky and the sea.


It’s so relaxing.

You might forget your worries for a while by looking at the perfect view.

Tagaytay City

Now let’s talk about my hometown, Tagaytay City.

This is the view that you’re going to see when you stay here. It’s the Taal Volcano.

Tagaytay is popular because of the volcano and the weather, which is not very hot. And from December to February, it’s freezing. If you want some adventure you might want to try the zip line with this view if you’re not afraid of heights.

Isn’t it fun? There are still a lot of things to experience here while learning. You can also practice speaking English when visiting different places here in the Philippines. You can talk to anyone you meet. Don’t be shy to ask questions because Filipinos are known for being hospitable. By learning English here in the Philippines, you will also learn about other cultures.

So while we still have time, let’s make the most out of it. Just enjoy learning and always remember that every second, minute or hour you spend gets you closer to perfection. We only live once so let’s do everything that makes us happy. Keep in mind that “experience is the best teacher.”

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